Jesus Be My Everything

“When the Spirit of Truth comes; the Ruach will guide you in truth and lead you in the way you are to go.”

Last Sunday, the topic was “My Thoughts – My Ways.”

 We trust that God has a plan and a purpose for us, as his ways are higher.

In preparation for God leading us in the way we need the go; we pause to fill ourselves up with new spiritual fuel, connecting with the Shekinah Spirit.

Here is a prayer, “Jesus Be My Everything” taken from my book “Awakening the Inner Ticker of Life” that I have used when wondering which way to go or was I following God’s way or the world’s way. May it bring you peace and clarity as you continue your spiritual walk:

“O’ Jesus, open my eyes and let my eyes be your eyes”.

“O’ Jesus, open my ears, and let my ears be your ears”.

“O’ Jesus, open my mouth and let my words be your words”.

“O’ Jesus, open my heart and let my heart be your heart”.

“O’ Jesus, be my everything”.


“Everything that I have is yours.”



Jesus’ Love Letter – Part 3

Welcome to Prophetic Passages  featured here on Rev. Patty’s Inspiration Station.

This is Week 3 of Jesus’ Love Letter. Let’s get right to it. Here is the next passage:

“As evening drew near, I gave you a sunset to close your day and a cool breeze to rest you.  Then, I waited, but you never came.  Oh, yes it hurt me, but I still love you because I am your friend. “

God is close and yet; at times, we remain far away!

Years ago, while struggling with a situation, a dear friend of mine suggested:

“When you get into bed tonight, ask God to come and put his arms around you until you fall asleep.”

I took her suggestion. That evening, I felt the presence and the power of God. His loving arms brought me comfort and I soon fell asleep.

Upon awakening, I had a different perspective. I intuitively understood that everything would work out, according to God’s plan for my life.

See you next week!


My Thoughts – My Ways

“My thoughts are not your thoughts.” (Is. 55)

Jesus spoke many times about dissension, “Every kingdom having been divided against or any group splintered by feuding is doomed to fall apart.” (Mt. 12:25)

When others would rather focus on the problem instead of the solution, one is forced to step out of the line of fire and move on.

Don’t get distracted. Listen to the Spirit:

Build up and edify your Spirit, always through the reinforcement of the word in a positive form; whether taken from scripture or another source in order. Rebuild after adversity. Have faith in the midst of turmoil.

A Solution:

“Truly man’s thoughts are not God’s thoughts, nor man’s ways, God’s ways. When you seek to follow Me in all; it frequently means a complete reversion of the way of the world you have hitherto followed. Reversion leads to boundless happiness and peace.” (GC)

 “My ways are not your ways, but they can be!” (Is. 55)

*God Calling

Jesus’ Love Letter Part 2 – Freedom

Welcome to Prophetic Passages and Week 2 of Jesus’ Love Letter featured here on Rev. Patty’s Inspiration Station.

Our theme for 2018 is “Set Free” and today, those who reside in the US celebrate this day as ‘Independence Day.’

For each being, the idea of freedom has a special meaning.

 Jesus said, “You have been silent captives in this world, but no more. It is not necessary for you to be in bondage or chains. I have come to bring Light into your world, so you will be set free.”

Let’s return to Jesus’ Love Letter. This is the passage that resonated with my Spirit earlier today:

“You awakened this morning and rushed off for the day.  My tears were in the rain.”

As tears in life come, we look for a release whether it is spiritual, emotional or physical; a reprieve to take a deep breath and start over.

I begin each day, spending time with God before embarking upon the world or speaking to another. It brings me great comfort and focus when my tears are in the rain.

Jesus was distressed when asking about his friend Lazarus who passed away, “Where did you put Lazarus? They answered him, ‘Lord, come and see.’ Jesus wept.” (John 11:34-35) 

In the act of letting go, we have one to catch our tears; providing comfort and hope.

Enjoy today!

“Whom the Light of the World sets Free, is really Free indeed!”

Pressing Into Jesus

“The people are all around you and crowding in on you.”

In 8th Chapter of St. Luke’s Gospel, we find people are following Jesus wherever he goes.

As the crowd presses into Jesus hoping for a miracle; for a brief moment, he feels the power of the Shekinah Spirit flow out from him and into another.

Jesus asks, “Who touched me? Someone touched me, for I knew it when power went out of me.”

It only took a moment and this brave soul, the woman with the “issue of blood” stepped forward. (Whenever I refer to this part of the gospel, I give her a name, Jody.  No, the name isn’t in scripture. )

Jody proceeds to tell Jesus her story, “She spent everything on doctors and none of them could make her well. When she touched the edge of Christ’s cloak and her bleeding stopped at once.”

Jesus’ response: “My daughter, your faith has made you well. Go in peace.”

I really believe that God can come through, in the 11th hour. It has happened many times in my own life.

Sometimes, we have to press into Christ in order to find relief or release.

“Your faith has made you well.”

Jesus’ Love Letter, Part 1


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 Further Reflection:

“I Love You and I Want to Spend Time with You!”

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Taking Care of My Side of the Street

“Prepare Ye the Way! “(Luke 1)

In life, we are called to prepare the way; spiritually and physically.

In the 1st Chapter of St. Luke, we find John paving the way.

As John “grew in Spirit” and matured, he made sure his side of the street was well kept and remained true to the task that God laid at his feet.

Who’s Side of the Street is It?

Earlier this week, while on a walk, I noticed broken glass in the middle of the road in front of my neighbors’ house.

 My 1st thought: “Nice, I can’t believe someone did this.”

Inspiration from Spirit: “Get out your broom and sweep it up.”

My neighbor happened to be outside. I asked her, “Would you mind if I swept the glass into your grass?” She agreed.  I went back to get my broom.

It was still early in the morning and the sun was beginning to peek through the trees.  I began to sweep; keeping rhythm with the silence. No matter how much I swept, there was more glass to clean up.

God allowed enough time for me to finish the task and kept any traffic away until I was done.

It was revealed to me, in the moment; the lesson was about keeping my side of the street clean, regardless of circumstances around me.

As spiritual pilgrims, we are given a time of inner preparation; in the moment, a time to be!

“When I Was Made in Secret, I Was Fashioned in the Depths of Being.” (Ps. 139)

Photo by Nagesh Badu on Unsplash

Is it a Miracle; Is it Prayer or Is it Both?

“God will move mountains, but you better bring a bulldozer!”

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 Further Reflection:

“The effective fervent prayer of a righteous one avails much.”(James, 5:16)

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Complete in Him

It is never God’s will that we should be anything less than absolutely complete in and with Him.” (Utmost)

I want you to have such abundance; it will take you places…

When you walk through the fields, I AM there; in My Garden, I AM there & along the path, I AM there.

Wherever we are on the path, God directs the way.

Our spiritual journey begins as a small mustard seed. Through the power of the Holy Shekinah Spirit, we grow into a small shrub and in our final transformation; we bloom into a great tree, with Christ monitoring our progress.

“Gentle Jesus, You are the Way!“ (PAZ)

Stop, Drop & Pray

“You will always be led in the way you need to go!”

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 Further Reflection:

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