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A Spirit of Hope

“One who searches the hearts knows what is on the Spirit’s mind, because the Shekinah Spirit makes intercession for the saints according to God.”

We are saved in hope and the Spirit helps us with our own shortcomings or weaknesses.

Life happens and we find ourselves not knowing how to pray. We call upon those we trust; asking for the power of God’s intercession to come forth.

The Shekinah Spirit steps in to intercede for us, in a supernatural language that we connect with in a state of prayer.

As Prayer Warriors, we stand in the gap, in a Spirit of Hope, with God’s angels and saints to intercede on one’s behalf, permitting heaven to have its way.

 “Where two or three are gathered together in my name, there I stand in the midst of them.

Darkness & Light

“I walk in the presence of the Light and I am not afraid.”*

As darkness attempts to cover the world, the Light will always prevail. Keep this truth in your heart no matter what comes down the pike.

See yourself, daily, bathed in the Light of Christ. This inner radiance dissolves anything that is not divinely planned; dis-ease, lack, loss or limitation. You are wondrous in your manifestation of self.

Your desire to pursue this path of hope and glory, in the light, is the greatest gift you can give yourself.

Always find the light in every situation no matter what and leave the plan of your life to the divine planner.

Remember: the Light is always stronger than the darkness.

“I walk with Jesus Christ and I am not afraid!”*


Awakening the Inner Ticker of Life, pg. 80



Pressing Into It

“They were unharmed in the middle of the fire.” (Dn. 3)

Many times on his ministry journey, Jesus put himself in the middle of more than one situation; in spite of what was coming down the road, “God is greater than what resides in one’s heart.”

“The seed that is sown in good soil is like someone who hears the Word and understands it and that being bears fruit.” (Mt. 13)

When we struggle, we are called to put God in the middle of everything in our lives; our labor, our relationships, ministry, etc.

“When we pray, reflections and images often pass through our minds. We are surprised to find ourselves saying, ‘My thoughts are wandering. My heart is distracted.’ *

When we press into it, we have to put Jesus in the middle or nothing works.

“Yes, I am in the middle of it and so are you. You don’t belong in the middle, so get out.”


“We limit ourselves via our narrow vision.”

“Dig deep into the earth beyond the cracks. Here is where you will see the truth. At your feet, I will present you with a banquet of choices.
First, step out and be. Find that part of you that longs to be with me on this side of the station. All you need to do is cross the road and I will be waiting for you.
Here is where we will begin our journey together, the new journey; the one without all the forks in the road.
Do you remember when I referred to those around me as ‘friends?’ This is how I think of you. I will meet you on holy ground, standing shoulder to shoulder.
You are moving into a new consciousness of Light & Truth. The rain is coming. Are you ready now? Have you dug those holes?
Some areas will be covered over and others will be opened. The holes you dug will be filled with water and those not meant to be will drain away.”

Make this valley full of ditches. You will neither see the wind or the rain, but the holes will be filled with water. (2Kgs.)

The Divine Path

“I now expand rapidly into the Divine Path of my life.”

I have opened the door and the path, my path is at your feet.  You cannot step where I have not been, not now.

 “We walk on fertile soil. Now it is time to tend to our sacred plot while waiting for the precious Fruit of the Spirit to be nurtured by the early and latter day rain.”*

This time we have together now is precious; too special to waste. Everything is falling into place, like a log floating down the river looking for a space to call home. Are you ready to experience the space you call home?

Leave the plans of your life in the hands of one who can handle it, the Divine Designer, God and follow the path laid at your feet.

“The ground I am on is holy and whole!”

*Awakening the Inner Ticker of Life, pg. 79

A Lesson in Faith

“A Storm of Wind Began to Howl”*

“What happens when the winds begin to howl and the waves of life are breaking all around you?”*

When we take our eyes off God, we lose power and one’s faith begins to flicker; allowing a dark cloud to form. What rules the day?

Do you have a spirit to stir and “ears to hear?”

God says, “Be not afraid; neither doubt. I am your guide.” (2 Esdras)

God always helps when we don’t know what to do providing a solution in action, while finding solid/holy ground once again.

  “I have run the race and kept the faith.”



*Awakening the Inner Ticker of Life, pg. 12 by Patricia A. Zorn

“Whoever drinks of the water I will give them, will never thirst again. The water I will give them; will become in them a well of water, springing up from life eternal.”

God says, “Water is a symbol of life; one that pours forth from the heavens and travels from my heart to yours. I speak to your emotions via your heart. I quench your thirst.”

During prayer, I received a vision of water while in the Healing Room. I was standing on a beautiful beach just outside the grotto room. There is white sand as far as the eye can see. The water is a blue/green color. I could see all the way down to the bottom of the ocean floor. It was like looking into a large aquarium.

In the blink of an eye, the force of the water changed and the waves became dark and choppy; racing towards the beach, with an ominous warning to pay attention. It is in moments like these, “The Spirit of Truth remains with and in us.”

They say, “Life and death is in the power of one’s speech or action, but Life and Death is also in the power of Living Waters, “You will see me because I live and you will live in me.”

Water is necessary for one’s healing and survival. The key here is living, moving and breathing water; whether spiritual or physical. Both are necessary to sustain life, “I am in God. You are in me and I am in you.”

“Spirit of the Living God, pour yourself on me!”


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