Into the Fold

“I am holding you in the palm of my hand.”

With “Hope” as our mantra for 2019, one thing is certain regardless of the journey; as Children of God, we need to be “Into the Fold.” What does this mean?

There are times in life when we face challenges; health, finances, relationships, etc. When these trials appear, one may flounder; creating a sense of confusion, abandonment and vulnerability.

As a mother hen spreads her wings for her chicks to gather under for protection and love; we, too, must find a safe space to breathe.

God knows us; loves us and will protect us, “You keep me safe from all hidden dangers and deadly diseases. You cover me with your wings.” (Ps. 91)

 “I have sealed your name upon my lips.”

Crossing the Threshold of Hope – Peering Beyond the Veil

“The trail is changing. It is time to shake off the old dust, old ideas, old acquaintances, and old places and spaces. When the trail or path changes you have to shift course therein.”

Peering Beyond the Veil

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“Now, it is time for you to stretch and be. I am asking you to step out of your comfort zone and see the truth.”

Crossing the Threshold of Hope – Part 2

Today’s Prophetic Passage follows the podcast, “Crossing the Threshold of Hope.” Just in case you missed it…


Message for Today:

“The prayer for peace is for those who seek it. Peace must come from deep within the heart and soul. What one sends out, will return.

In order for movement to come, one must pause and be. Herein is the essence of finding that perfect peace.”

In this New Season – New Year:

” Seek peace. Find it, Share it and Believe it; allow it to spread beyond your horizon.

May you and your families Be Blessed and Grow in the New Year!”

“My Peace I Leave You. My Peace I Give You.”

Crossing the Threshold of Hope

“Behold, I have set before you an open door.”

Happy New Year

Rev. Patty’s New Year 2019 Message

Prayer for World Peace

“My Shalom: Take it until it fills you and overflows where you can’t contain it. Send it forth from your home; into your community, nation and the globe.”

The Family Tree Week 4 – Un-Wrapping the Gift


“Here I AM. I Have a Gift for You!”

Everything is in line and on time, as we enter into the final stretch of Advent.

You are among those most richly blessed, but your eyes do not see. Have you lost hope? Turn not your face from Him in despair.

God has something wondrous in store for you, “I have tidings of great joy to share with you; a precious gift, one that spans time, space and season.”

Are you prepared to receive the divine gift God wants you to have?

Be Bold, Get Ready to un-wrap the Ultimate Blessing.

See you soon, the angels are calling.

“I, Yeshua, have sent My angel to testify these things to you for My communities. I am the Root of David.” My Light shines

Waiting and Ready – A New Season, Part 4

“If you ponder a lot with your mind, then you have to release it or it will hold you back.”

There is a spiritual movement about; “The Long Arm of God” reaches into places one cannot go.” What does this mean? Why does God have long arms?

God reaches us where we dare not go, in our time of need and being.

When our thinking becomes negative, confusion soon follows. What once was truth is now dressed up as doubt.

Do not be drawn in by the energy that is dangling to the left or right of you. “His ways are not our ways nor of this world.”

Keep your eyes fixed on the path ahead. “Walk tall, stand in honor and truth.”

Allow the Long Arm of God to clear the way.

 “Which way are you going?” “Will you move towards me or walk away?” “My way is your way.”

“I Am the Way, the Truth and the Life!”

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The Family Tree Week 3 – Be Prepared

“Be Prepared for the One who is To Come!”

John still has a bit more to share with us:

I baptize you with water; a refreshing of the soul – Be Prepared!

The Holy Fire will come upon you; protecting and transforming you – Be Prepared!

“Watch for Me, I AM the One!”

“God opens their ears to instruction… If they hearken and serve God, they complete their days in prosperity.” (Jb. 36)

Waiting & Ready: A New Season Part 3

We continue our series this week with a very special Prophetic Message, Embrace It:

“I want you to have what I have; all that I am, to resonate for eternity. My world is your world.”

If you move ever so closely, you will see all that I am and what I have is yours. There is no holding back on my part. I don’t reward or take away as if you were a naughty child.

You are a child of mine; not in the sense of age, but in the sense of acknowledgment, of endearment.

“I am the shepherd. I look after you.”

If you have the courage and faith to wait; all of the puzzle pieces in your life will fall into place and fit quite nicely.

What I offer you is to come closer. Move beyond the disappointments. Yes and “More will be revealed.”

“Trust in my process.”

What more can I say to you except, “I Love You” and support you on your journey.

“There is none like you.”

All you have to do is ask me; I am here for you. Go ahead, seek and find. I am here waiting and ready…

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The Family Tree Part 2

On Holy Ground

“A voice cries out in the wilderness, preparing the way.” (Lk. 3)

Whose voice are you listening to? Are you spinning your wheels?

John the Baptist was part of Jesus’ family tree. He had a very specific task. John was sent to prepare the way for the Christ.

What are you preparing for during this Season of Light?

Are you carrying a mess or carrying the message?

 “For the fruit of good labors is renowned, and the root of understanding does not fail.” (Wis. 3:15)