Precious Presence

Ever Present, Eternal Love

“Worry not for the things that are, or what is to come!”  “Although there may well be shocks and even upheavals in our lives, Jesus the Christ is present by his Holy Shekinah Spirit. He will always say to us: “Even when you are going through the harshest trial, I am present underneath your despair… Continue reading Ever Present, Eternal Love

Seeking God

Constructive Silence

“Whenever the realizing of God comes; even in the faintest way imaginable, be determined to recklessly abandon yourself by surrendering everything to Him.” (Utmost) “Herbert Spencer once said that he would gladly turn his life over to anyone who would live it for him and relieve him of its burdens.” Confusion arises with man’s concept… Continue reading Constructive Silence

Prophetic Passages

Rest in My Love

Prophetic Message: Receive Me... Don’t give into the negativity that permeates everything you touch; all that you listen to or view with your eyes. If left unattended, destruction will take root; staining the heart, causing one to manifest extreme moments of darkness and despair. “O’ Lord, how my adversaries have increased.” (Ps. 3) My Gift:… Continue reading Rest in My Love