A Labor of Love

Many people are hurting. They are without homes, without food and without love.
This is such a challenge and such a crisis for all.
This is a difficult time for those who are called to be helpers and healers during this time of transition and change. Your job will not be easy.
Perhaps it is best to not look at ‘the work’ as a job, but maybe it is a way of life, incorporate what you love into a labor of love.
Many go about wandering and wondering what to do.
What should I do about my job, or my lack of a job?
The question that is asked, “What should I do?”
“Of myself I am nothing, but with God everything is possible.”
The idea of reaching out and receiving the assistance that you rightly deserve and need; the problem is that man goes about tackling her/his problems in solo mode. Who gets served? No One gets served.
It is necessary to seek help from a higher place above the earth plane. It is necessary to reach out to God.
In this action of reaching out, asking for help, you no longer walk alone throughout your entire life.
Each step you take, there is one who went before you. There is one who walks beside you. There is one that resides within to guide you.

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