The Power of Prayer in the Midst of Change

Only the strong will survive the changes that are on your doorstep.
See to it daily that your spiritual foundation is nurtured and strong.
Tend to your spiritual condition and your physical issues will melt away.
The tools or gifts of the earth will sustain and direct you in order to live a life of joy and balance.
If you embrace all that which is dark and negative that is what you will have in your life.
If you embrace all that is of God then your life will take on true meaning.
You will be able to see the sunrise before the storm, with spiritual tools and God-given gifts in hand.
You can and will survive, and function in this new world, in a new way.
The old way of life, the old way creating abundance has changed.
The way one labors has changed.
Flow with the changes and embrace the tools of life.
Come and take my hand, we have a planet to rebuild, lives to restore and hope for a better tomorrow!

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