God, Inspirational Message, Relationship with God

A Unique Relationship with God – Part 2

In part 1, we established a common theme, yes; one can have a unique relationship with God. Now, on to the next section:

In this unique relationship, there are two players, God and you; God and me!

Just as we have relationships with others like a spouse, partner, child or friend, one can have a similar on-going alliance with God.

The rapport is different between man and God because it is a divine spark, not one born of the mind or flesh, but one that has been in play for infinity.

God says, “I come in a whisper, in the wind. I want to bend your ear. I want you to listen for a while. I want you to ponder and engage these words by bringing them into your Spirit; your heart and soul, with all that is me!”

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