The Presentation

Have you presented your absolute best to God in joy?
After Jesus’ birth, there came a time for him to be presented in the temple.
In many faith traditions, after a child is born, she/he is baptized. This is seen as a time of welcoming a little one into the fold, part of God’s family, and a time of joy and celebration.
One of the mysteries of the Rosary that many recite, following the journey of Christ and the divinity of all life, is the presentation of Jesus; a Joyful Mystery.
Our personal presentation can also be looked upon as a new beginning. This is a time to trust; a time to believe and a time to see. Patience is a virtue in this simplistic process.
Simeon and Anna waited all those years to get a glimpse of the one who would bring Light to this world, as Mary & Joseph brought Jesus into the temple on that special day.
So, we too, in our own way can experience this joy and present ourselves to God through prayer with perseverance, wonder and the hope of tomorrow.

“My promises to you are healing, hope, abundance and joy. You just have to trust me. These are my blessings for you, eternal in love and hope.” (Heavenly Messages 2014)

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