From the Pulpit & Into the Garden: "Grow Where You are Planted – Scatter Seeds of Inspiration!"


My soul waits upon my God who is the giver of all that is good!

Stay alert; you may get a glimpse of one you are looking for.

We are getting close to our destination.

It is time to take a break.

“Stop all feverish haste and be calm and untroubled. Come unto me, not only for petitions to be granted but for nearness to me.

Be sure of my Help, be conscious of my Presence, and wait until my peace fills your soul.

Rest knows no fear, no want. Rest is strong, sure; the rest of soft glades and peacefully flowing rivers, of strong, immovable hills.  All you need to gain this rest is to come to me, so come.” (God Calling, 9/25)

“Know God, know peace; No God no peace!”

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