Holy Spirit, Spiritual Growth

Awakening the Spirit


“Holy Spirit of Light and Fire, fill us with God’s desire.”(ATITOL, pg. 84)

Jesus promised, “I will send another to be with you.” The Holy Spirit is our constant companion; eternal, divine and unchanging, never taking a day off; walking with us throughout our lives. “Each day upon rising, ask me to be with you, to come into your heart. Focus on what is right in front of you and leave the rest of the day to me.”

God gives the Shekinah Spirit, the holy breath to all who are willing and open. “Intent is the Holy Spirit in motion, calling on one to awaken her/his mind and heart to the Inner Ticker of Life.”

When the Spirit gives a word of encouragement about which trail to follow, this is the Way of Holiness. It belongs to those who are followers of the Way, God’s Truth and the Light. “I am the comforter, the caretaker of your life and heart. It is I who whispers in your ear. It is I who holds your hand. It is I who is ever present in your life.”

 “I am the gentleness of your heart. I am a mighty rush of wind to your Spirit, when the wave comes over you, ‘It’s me’, Holy Spirit!”

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