Holy Spirit, Inspirational Message, Spiritual Growth

The Veil of Heaven

“When someone turns to God, the veil is taken away.” (2 Co. 3:16)

Heaven is opening. The veil is being drawn across the room and as the holy breath of heaven comes forth.

For those who have eyes to see; you will witness what is happening in the Spirit world in parallel to this world.

For those who have ears to hear, you will be able to listen without distraction.

For those who walk in the earthly world, be ye transformed.

The supernatural world will come alive for all who wish to be part of it and for those who operate in the Spirit; the gifts are ten-fold.

With God, “all things are possible” and there is no limitation.

Be open, aware and wait for further direction.

 “Wherever I am, God is.”

For further inspiration, enjoy this video by Amy Grant, Breath of Heaven


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