Son Day for Sunday

Reaching Out


“Come Away with Me!”

In 6th Chapter of St. Mark, we find Jesus is still on the move; it’s time for a break. He encourages his friends to come apart with him and rest awhile.

The people seeking and reaching followed Christ and in the moment, he had “compassion on them for they were like sheep without a shepherd.”

Have you been wandering aimlessly lost in your own thoughts, “Which way do I go?” “I need help.”

God reaches across the lines of hope, faith, understanding and freedom to stand with us in our times of need.

Faith helps us to build up a stock in the cookie jar and when life happens, we can reach in and remain as if; even if we feel we cannot.

We hum along with hope; believing in a better tomorrow, while standing in today.

“Weeping or distress may come in the night or appear during a bleak season, but joy always comes in the morning” and hope returns. Sometimes we are misunderstood but take heart. Understanding life is as it is for a moment, will shift.

Freedom is believing in faith, hope and understanding while laying a foundation in our walk with the Light of the World.

“God of compassion, help us!”

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