Prophetic Passages

Waiting and Ready – A New Season, Part 4

“If you ponder a lot with your mind, then you have to release it or it will hold you back.”

There is a spiritual movement about; “The Long Arm of God” reaches into places one cannot go.” What does this mean? Why does God have long arms?

God reaches us where we dare not go, in our time of need and being.

When our thinking becomes negative, confusion soon follows. What once was truth is now dressed up as doubt.

Do not be drawn in by the energy that is dangling to the left or right of you. “His ways are not our ways nor of this world.”

Keep your eyes fixed on the path ahead. “Walk tall, stand in honor and truth.”

Allow the Long Arm of God to clear the way.

 “Which way are you going?” “Will you move towards me or walk away?” “My way is your way.”

“I Am the Way, the Truth and the Life!”

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