Son Day for Sunday

The Grip of God

“Come, Take My Hand.”

My faith can wobble when life sneaks up on me.

I have to remind myself; once God has a hold of me, I am okay.

“We are are here because God has laid hold of us. (Utmost)

Who are we keeping pace with? Is it Jesus or is it the world?

Hold out your hand and wait; I will show you the way.

The world will continue to evolve and move. We, at times may move with it.

Son Day for Sunday Prayer Break & Message:

1st: Pause & Breathe

2nd: Stretch out your hand in faith. Believe that the one who loves you with an everlasting love will reach back.

3rd: It may be necessary to stretch your faith all the way out and back again.

4th: You have a choice. Even if life is flowing in a different direction or thoughts want to run asunder; stick out your hand, hold on and don’t let go.

“You are Safe in the Palm of My Hand.”

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