Son Day for Sunday

Follow the Path

“I Am the Way!”

Son Day for Sunday Message:

We turn a page to never return from whence we came…

Don’t be deceived or falter in your faith by getting caught up in the snare of the fowler; nor be distressed if another tries to knock you off your center.

“I am right there walking beside you!”

Leave the plans of your life in the hands of the Divine Designer, God. Follow the path I’ve laid at your feet.

“All obstacles now vanish from my pathway.”

Find your truth, My Truth and stick to it, “It’s time to spread your wings and fly, under the shelter of the Most High.”

Remain on course and take me with you.

“You cannot step where I have not been; not now!”

“I walk up to the lion on the pathway and find an angel in armor, and victory in the name of Jesus Christ!”

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