Son Day for Sunday

Bearers of Hope

“As soon as He hears, He will answer!” (Is. 30)

The world is in flux; the planet and its inhabitants.

Is there any Good News? Yes

In spite of it all, we are on the cusp of something new.

We are at the beginning of the turn of the season.

“God is the strength of my heart, my portion forever.” (Ps. 73)

Suggestions for the Journey:

Be Ye Not Afraid!

Fear blocks the clarity to make informed decisions.

The answers you seek lie within.

Allow yourself; not to be swept up, but to maintain pose in the center of the change.

You are engaging in a Metamorphosis of the Spirit, welcome it!

“Cast all your anxiety upon Him.” (1 Pet.)

Who or what are you listening to?

“We are conquerors through Him who loves us.” (Rom. 8)

Shut off the TV or other device that is delivering the bad news!

“Holy Spirit, you are welcome in my space.”

Go outside and breathe!

“You are supported & loved!”

Be good to yourself and remember…

“Right now, you are occupying God’s Time!”

Find something good & green to focus on.

If you are not fortunate like I am to have God’s Garden around all the time, grow sprouts; have a micro-greens garden. Sprouts are really great in smoothies, soups and other stuff; costing pennies to produce.

Release something you don’t need. Pass it on to someone who does.

“There is no lack in God’s world!”

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