Son Day for Sunday

Fullness of Joy

“Heaven is yours, the Earth also; You made the World and Everything in it.” (Ps. 89:11)

We are entering the time known as spring; a time of humble beginnings. We bring ourselves first and foremost into this season filled with hope.

“I will give you hope and a future.”

This is the time to lay down roots; begin to plant.

Start with the tiniest of seed and move forth from there; find the spring in your step and keep moving.

“By day and by night, the Gospel seed, placed in the depths of their being; sprouts and grows!” (Mk. 4)

It is in the hope that the newness of the season of will point you in the right direction.

Remember, Fullness is a time of completion and God’s perfection!

“You will Show me the Path of Life. In your Presence is Fullness of Joy.” (Ps.19)

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