About the Journey

“Take the words that I give you and use them. They were written for you and for all who have ears to hear, spirits to soar and hearts to sing.”

“Rev. Patty’s Inspiration Station” is for spiritual seekers; without limitation or division. “Wherever two or three are gathered together, there God stands in the midst of us.”

The Mission: “For everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven!” Remember friends, with God, everything is possible.

Allow the Spirit to move you through the power of the written word featured in Prophetic Passages & Son Day for Sunday Messages!

Be Healed in the Presence of Christ.

A New Beginning: “In all spiritual endeavors the place to begin is with God”. God will move mountains but you have to bring the bulldozer, yourself!

During this great season of change, and spiritual discovery, I encourage you to join me; here in cyberspace, no matter where you roam.

Don’t feel like you are alone. Stay informed as you travel the spiritual road!

Thanks for dropping in!

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