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”This is the way God wants it done; you won't be under nearly as much stress.” (Ex. 18) The planet is shaky. The general agitation that everyone feels is due to the emotional issues and earth changes taking place. It is time to pause and look at one’s priorities. Those in helping professions, ministry and… Continue reading Priorities

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Are You Shaking and Breaking Spiritually?

When you look at what is going around you, in your nation, everything is symbolic in nature to her/his relationship with me. Areas of the earth are shaking and breaking apart. Look inside of yourselves. You are shaking; you are scared about the future. Don’t you remember what I told you “Don’t worry about tomorrow?”… Continue reading Are You Shaking and Breaking Spiritually?

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Herbs from God’s Garden – Red Clover (Trifolium pratense) Part 2

Red Clover is not only a wonderful herb, but is also used as a flower essence.Flower Essences are holy waters from God’s garden that work on the emotional and spiritual level to help one in times of great need.In our current climate, there are a lot of catastrophic events occurring around the globe and in… Continue reading Herbs from God’s Garden – Red Clover (Trifolium pratense) Part 2

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Of what is yet to come

“It is imperative for those of you who are “Bearers of the Light” to listen to the “Inner Ticker” of all life, the Holy Spirit that resides within. Your spirit is pounded daily with all the bad news in the world, and there is much propaganda and lies filling the airways. People are being horribly… Continue reading Of what is yet to come

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A Heavenly Message 3/21/2011

A tide has been turned and the earth changes that have been written and spoken about are now in motion for all to see, feel and hear. Some of the changes such as weather patterns, war and the uncertainty that looms in the air are difficult for many to grasp. Fear not! These physical signs… Continue reading A Heavenly Message 3/21/2011

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What is the “Light of Love?”

The “Light of Love” is what connects you to your own awareness of God through prayer. It is through your connection in prayer, one imagines a soft golden light, (the pure Light of Christ) surrounding and encompassing the whole body. This is followed by another layer of soft pink (the Love of Christ). Send the… Continue reading What is the “Light of Love?”