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“Look with the eyes of your love upon our many imperfections” (LCC) There is a lot of discussion out there about women and the topic of forgiveness; who can give it and who is deserving of it. Each day, as children of a loving God, we make choices and decisions based on what one perceives… Continue reading Forgiveness

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Out of Darkness into the Light – Spiritual Abuse

One of the most piercing marks of humanity that has come out and into the Light is spiritual abuse. What is the origin of spiritual abuse? Spiritual Abuse starts with one who has been placed in a position of authority, grasping a false sense of power and control; continuing to manipulate others, by emphatically lying… Continue reading Out of Darkness into the Light – Spiritual Abuse

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Lenten Journey Prayer & Forgiveness

Prayer is a necessary component in the life of a believer.Sometimes, we pray because of a situation or circumstance.It is more important to pray through a situation or circumstance with God, rather than trying micromanage the drama of life on your own.Perhaps you are praying about a health issue.As you think about your health, when… Continue reading Lenten Journey Prayer & Forgiveness