A Sweet Voice

O god, who has power over all, listen to the voice of the desperate, and deliver us.” (Est. 4)

“Never heed the voices of the world – only the tender Divine Voice.

Listen and you will never be disappointed; anxious thoughts and tired nerves will become rested. The Voice Divine; not so much in strength as in tenderness and not so much in power as in restfulness.

‘Cast all your cares upon him; for he cares for you.’ ( 1 Pt)

Tenderness and restfulness will heal your scars and make you strong and then it must be your task to let all your power be My Power! 

You are My great care; never feel at the mercy of the world. 

My angels guard you day and night and nothing can harm you.”*

“Very quietly I speak, listen for My Voice!”


*God Calling

You Know the Way!

“I have set before you an open door that no one can shut.”

I am showing you the way. The time to arise is here.

You have been given a new pair of shoes, put them on. Aren’t they a comfy fit?

Now, stand tall. You are ready!

Honor the truth that stirs within. I will direct you in the way to go, from this point forward.

Today, we begin a new race together.

Just as in heaven there are many doors and mansions, so it is here. I will open many new doors that lead into new abodes/mansions; the choices abound.

Choose wisely, as if you were picking produce at the market. There is a great harvest bearing fruit right now.

A way is being made, as we speak.

Get moving and break in those new shoes.

I am a bit ahead of you on the trail, but I will wait for you.

“I am the Way!”

Son Day for Sunday

God is Looking for You!


“God loves you and must have a voice through which to speak.”(Agnes Sanford)

Are you looking for God? Put yourself where He can find you.

God finds me in the silence of prayer or while working and walking in the garden.

I am preparing for a new season now, planting seed, etc.

Blooms appear and the smell of sweet citrus floats around the yard, a sign of hope.

In this Season of Lent, we get a second chance to take another pass at life, just as the plants do; an opportunity to blossom and grow with God.

We continue our journey with Jesus and watch for signs of renewal; discovering that which is hidden, to reveal itself to us in the Word.

As we bear fruit, God acknowledges our growth with a promise to discard all dead debris; removing it completely to begin again!

God is looking for you, have you found him?

 “The Word of God is living and powerful, even to the division of soul and spirit; to the point that no deception can remain.” (Heb. 4)

Being Sent Forth

“Go out and spread the good news to all.”

A Great Commission Part 1

Just before his departure, Jesus had a few parting words for those left behind: “Go to people everywhere and make them my disciples. Teach them everything I have taught you.”

“It is I who sends you out. Each step along the way, I have called you by name, I chose you.”

Go out and bear much fruit. You want fruit that will last from everlasting to everlasting.

Be part of the solution in all areas of your life.

Leave a mark on humanity.

“You are one who is called forth!”

Do You Need Me?

“Do you need me? I am here.”

A few days ago, during meditation, I heard the words of a prayer that we use during our “Gathering of Friends” when we break bread together, “Do you need me? I am here.”

In an instant, I was walking in the Garden; taking a moment to view the spot where Jesus conversed in distress, with the Father about whether or not to proceed.

As we made our way through the Garden, Jesus said: “Yes, the road to Golgotha and beyond is sometimes rocky. You may feel disappointed, fearful or unsure on how to proceed. Don’t forget, If you need me, I am right here.”

“I don’t want humanity to forget me. If they forget me, they will forget themselves, “I am with you always.”

“Can you hear me? I speak through your voice.”

Spiritual Destiny

Even before He made the world, God loved us and chose us in Christ to be holy and without fault in His eyes. (Eph. 1:4)

Spiritual Destiny comes after one answers the call. What happens in between accepting and answering the call? We have more questions in the process of becoming.

What is my purpose? Do I have a destiny in this life? Where do we begin? Let’s go back to our foundation:

We find out that we are wonderfully made; in the image of God who loves us, “I praise You, for I am awesomely, wonderfully made! Wonderful are Your works—and my soul knows that very well.” Ps. 139:14

You are a wonder and marvel in God’s eyes, just as you are. In your creation, he made you in his image; perfection in action.

We walk in faith and trust that as one in being; with one direction, one goal in and with God, we are given the tools to move forward.

To reach one’s destiny is to walk in faith as a Child of God.

“God makes everything work out according to His plan.” (Eph. 1:11)

You Are Enough – Be In Me!

“They shall mount up like eagle’s wings.” (Is. 40:31)

You have stepped off a cliff. Do you see yourself falling to the ground or soaring among the clouds? This is not a free-fall but a free-fly! Now, spread those wings and fly.

When you answer my call, you have to move from a space of comfort to one of uncertainty; the path of the unknown.

However, in this context, one must remember it is “I” who walks in front of you. Follow my lead, “What is that to thee, follow me!”

Now, hold onto my garment. Feel the fabric in your fingertips. This is a material not known to man, only known to God.

There is no setting of the ‘son’ only the rising of the dawn. Greet your day in me! Are you ready?

Don’t minimize who you are or what you do. Everything as it is – shall be. You are enough – be in Me! Amen!

“I have called you, you are mine.”