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You Are Welcome In This Space

“When the Spirit of Truth comes, the Ruach will guide you into all the truth and will tell you what will happen in the future.” (Jn. 16:13) The Holy Spirit has been given to us via the promise made by Jesus before his ascension. How we maintain that relationship is based on our daily spiritual… Continue reading You Are Welcome In This Space

Holy Spirit, Spiritual Growth

Awakening the Spirit

“Holy Spirit of Light and Fire, fill us with God’s desire.”(ATITOL, pg. 84) Jesus promised, “I will send another to be with you.” The Holy Spirit is our constant companion; eternal, divine and unchanging, never taking a day off; walking with us throughout our lives. “Each day upon rising, ask me to be with you,… Continue reading Awakening the Spirit

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Divine Spark 2

“Many desire to get away from the outer fringes of life seeking peace and harmony.” (Awakening the Inner Ticker of Life, pg. 15)   This is a crucial and wondrous time on our planet. Yet, on a daily basis many compromise the divinity within; allowing the “Divine Spark” to extinguish itself due to ignorance and… Continue reading Divine Spark 2

Holy Spirit, Inspirational Message, Spiritual Growth

The Dwelling Place

God wants to dwell within us; any time, any place! My Holy Shekinah Spirit, the God within, is the one who calls to wakes you up to a higher mode of being. Remember, “It is not what you say but what you perceive that will influence the lives of others. My Spirit will communicate with… Continue reading The Dwelling Place

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Holy Ground – Out of darkness into the Light!

Do not nurture the doubts within. Nurture the voice of truth and hope. Connect with your Spirit. Do not allow the mind and its negativity to direct your day, or your life. With your new pair of spiritual shoes, go out to the ends of the earth and walk on Holy Ground. Reach for the… Continue reading Holy Ground – Out of darkness into the Light!