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Which Direction Will You Take?

“I have cried out and prayed to my God for help. God heard me from his sanctuary. My cry to him reached his ears. At the blast of the Holy Breath, the bottom of the sea could be seen, and the foundations of the earth were laid bare. God reached down from heaven and rescued… Continue reading Which Direction Will You Take?

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Where We Walk is Holy

  “Show us your way and let us walk in your path.” The following excerpt is taken from my new revised book, “Awakening to the Inner Ticker of Life” (formerly published as 30 Messages of Hope) by Rev. Patricia A. Zorn, soon to be released; more information to follow) “A while back I had a… Continue reading Where We Walk is Holy

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The Promise of God Continues

“Remember your promise to me, God; it gives me hope.” Psalm 119 Into the twilight comes the dawn; the promise of a new day. Each soul stirs to the sound of the awakening call. May we always believe in the promise of tomorrow whether the moon sets or the sun rises! “Out of darkness, light… Continue reading The Promise of God Continues

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Advent Week 1 – I Hear Him Calling!

The psalmist writes, “If today you hear his voice, harden not your heart!” Do you hear him calling? Many are busy rushing here and rushing there, not noticing the world is just a bit off center. Christ said, “Look for signs”. We have to look for inner and outer signs in ourselves and in our… Continue reading Advent Week 1 – I Hear Him Calling!