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A Unique Relationship with God – Part 1

The tapestry of life can unravel and we find ourselves standing on holy ground, in the midst of new beginnings. As we step out, we find that we do not walk alone in this world. God is always, right there. It is in the foundation of being, understanding and spiritual movement that one can develop… Continue reading A Unique Relationship with God – Part 1

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Blessings from Heaven

The White Heron is one of the native birds in my part of the world. Like all winged ones, this bird has a story to tell and a message to share. Sometimes in life, we have to dive deep to find our own personal truth and how we reflect that truth in our daily lives.… Continue reading Blessings from Heaven

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Season of Light 2012 – Advent Week 1

On this first Sunday of Advent, we begin by seeing the Light peek out just an inch above the horizon as the sun rises. At the end of each day, the sun begins its descent as it spreads rays of hope and promise of a new tomorrow. The way the Light shines and settles in… Continue reading Season of Light 2012 – Advent Week 1

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Listen, Let Go, and To Thy Own Self be True!

First, do not be discouraged by that which you see around you, not everything is as it seems. There are inner workings here and life that goes much deeper than what you see on the surface. There is a crux and change that is happening deep within the earth, and deep within the heart of… Continue reading Listen, Let Go, and To Thy Own Self be True!

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Doors Part 3

“God parted the clouds from above and the doors of heaven opened.” I am sending you rain as my blessing to you, to water and nurture you, and for you to bear good fruit in every area of your life. The door is wide open for great work to be done; step through. Don’t look… Continue reading Doors Part 3

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The Quiet Place: A Time of Prayer & Healing

"In his presence is power and there is power in his presence. We must be in Christ's presence everyday." (30 Messages of Hope, Message #1: Prayer, page 15)During this New Year, it is a time of new beginnings. This is also a time to let go of that which does not work, allowing one to… Continue reading The Quiet Place: A Time of Prayer & Healing