Crossing the Threshold of Hope – Part 2

Today’s Prophetic Passage follows the podcast, “Crossing the Threshold of Hope.” Just in case you missed it…


Message for Today:

“The prayer for peace is for those who seek it. Peace must come from deep within the heart and soul. What one sends out, will return.

In order for movement to come, one must pause and be. Herein is the essence of finding that perfect peace.”

In this New Season – New Year:

” Seek peace. Find it, Share it and Believe it; allow it to spread beyond your horizon.

May you and your families Be Blessed and Grow in the New Year!”

“My Peace I Leave You. My Peace I Give You.”

Crossing the Threshold of Hope

“Behold, I have set before you an open door.”

Happy New Year

Rev. Patty’s New Year 2019 Message

Prayer for World Peace

“My Shalom: Take it until it fills you and overflows where you can’t contain it. Send it forth from your home; into your community, nation and the globe.”