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When We Bless Others, God Blesses Us!

“Blessings and promises from God are from everlasting to everlasting.” When we bless others, God blesses us. Its okay to wait upon the urging of the Holy Spirit as God’s timing is perfect. “I make myself known to all by the Spirit within.” (Awakening the Inner Ticker of Life, pg. 83) Recently, I was being… Continue reading When We Bless Others, God Blesses Us!

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God is Looking for You!

Are you looking for God? Well, “God is looking for you. God loves you and must have a voice through which to speak.”(Agnes Sanford, The Healing Gifts of the Spirit) Put yourself where God can find you. God finds me in the garden when I am clearing away debris; checking my plants to see what… Continue reading God is Looking for You!

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A Unique Relationship with God – Part 2

In part 1, we established a common theme, yes; one can have a unique relationship with God. Now, on to the next section: In this unique relationship, there are two players, God and you; God and me! Just as we have relationships with others like a spouse, partner, child or friend, one can have a… Continue reading A Unique Relationship with God – Part 2

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Cutting the Ties that Bind

As I stated in an earlier post, many times, while traveling my own “Sacred Walk Home”, I have heard these words, “Don’t look back, look up and see all the greatness I have in store for you”, and this has brought me immense comfort over the years. However, our spiritual condition can come under attack… Continue reading Cutting the Ties that Bind

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I Hear It All!

  I hear you when you sleep and when you are awake. I hear your thoughts both good and bad. I hear it all.   I hear your cries of fear and uncertainty. I hear it all.   I hear your silence and your anger. I hear your dissatisfaction and misunderstanding of life. I hear… Continue reading I Hear It All!

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God’s Divine Love

“We would like you to understand that all life is held in God’s love. Preparation is made for all the events in man’s life. We would have you think of the Great Spirit (Holy Spirit) as one who always loves you. We leave you the spirit of tranquility, of inner peace, and a feeling of… Continue reading God’s Divine Love