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God’s Refuge and Strength

“You are my rock and my fortress.”

From the beginning of the new season up to this moment, a pattern of growth has been emerging in the midst of darkness.

During prayer, I received a vision of a sprout pushing up through the earth; reflecting God’s strength in times of need, even when life happens or we miss a step or two.

There is strength in the divine that we cannot see. When the tide of life pushes against us and the rain comes down, the little stalk may appear to look as though it won’t survive the battle, “Don’t let anyone intimidate you.”

“Not a single sparrow falls to the ground without God’s knowledge.”

We can take comfort that this is a temporary situation that will not last the rest of our lifetime, “What I tell you in darkness, speak it in the Light.”

The sun will come out from behind the clouds and the ground will dry a bit, “Nothing is hidden that will not be made known.”

During this transformation that cannot be seen on the outside; the little sprout emerges into a plant. It will once again reach up to its source, as a child would reach out looking to hold the hand of a loving being, “All that springs to life, your peace presence brings.”*

“God your Light is greater than the brightest star. Your Spirit awakens all things.”*


*Awakening the Inner Ticker of Life, pg. 77

A Flashlight on the Path

“At night, my soul longs for you. I watch for you at daybreak.”

The “Inner Ticker of Life” stirs within the depths of our being, waking us in our oneness and being with God.

In Psalm 139, we are reminded God is everywhere and never stops abandons us, “You are the God of the early morning, the God of the late nights, the God of the mountain peaks and the God of the sea.”

The Love of God tugs at one’s soul reaching “horizons further away from the early mornings; deeper darkness than the nights of earth, higher peaks than any mountain peaks and greater depths than any sea in nature.”

 “My Spirit within earnestly seeks you!”

The Whirlwinds of Life

“Holy Spirit, Open My Mind…”

The same Spirit that blew across the waters at the beginning of it all, is the same Spirit that visited the friends and followers of Christ.

Jesus said, “I will never leave you, nor forsake you!” But, what happens, when a different type of life wind blows through the door; the circumstances beyond our control? What about the wind that knocks us off our feet; the day the umbrella breaks and the wind and rain are relentless? Where do we go from here?

“Sometimes it is not the difficulty of life, but the drudgery of it that makes me think God will forsake me.” Do I hear God’s assurance in times when the whirlwinds of life blow?

“The faith of many people begins to falter when apprehensions enter their thinking and they forget the meaning of God’s assurance; they forget to take a deep spiritual breath.”**

Is God preparing or equipping us for some exceptional thing or work in the future? No. It’s about being, right now; in the moment.

We get up, close the umbrella and look to the Shekinah Spirit to offer a gentle breeze of comfort, as we enter into a new level of understanding.

 “…Illuminate My Heart!”*

*Awakening the Inner Ticker of Life
**My Utmost for His Highest


“I want you ascending to new heights and new places.”

We are standing on the test of time, with nothing in between.

The past is where it should be. You have weathered the storm.

Now, a new door; new chapter opens in your “Book of Life.” Are you ready?

The ditches will soon be filled with rain; the blessings will abound.

This is the time and the season; it is the “Season of God.”

Take the strength I give you. You are ascending into new territory.

Be hopeful, be happy and be!

“I am with you always.”

Bearing Fruit – God is My Strength!

“Now that you have planted your seed, allow yourself to bloom and grow.”

A Vision:

The God of Strength offers you a staff. It symbolizes the great Mustard Tree; one with strong roots and a firm foundation, “My foundation is in the Light.”

You are a sprout that has pushed up through the earth. Continue to nurture and care for yourself.

Become familiar with your surroundings and pay attention. Don’t doubt or blow off the smallest detail

Let go and be the tree.

“Anyone who believes and has strength will do the greater works.”

Day of the Mother

“The mystery is a plan for fullness of time; a predestined purpose, according to God’s will.” (Eph 1)

In the garden, one of the plants I like to grow is Motherwort, also known as “Lions Tail.” There is a hint of strength is this tiny blessing of creation. Motherwort has healing properties that works on many levels. The seed is small (see pic) and requires delicate care when planting in the prepared soil; not too much water and don’t bury it too deep. Mother likes to be a bit closer to the surface, taking in the warmth of the morning sun.

Every plan (plant) in life begins as a seed. What is the source and where does it come from? “Every plant my Mother and Father in heaven has not planted will be rooted up and destroyed. Every plan that comes from heaven will not be dissolved.”

Once the seed takes hold, it will break through the soil and begin to bud, “Anyone who believes and has faith; beginning with the grain of a mustard seed, will do the works I do and greater!”

Mothers; when raising their children, scatter love as seeds of hope that one day their son or daughter will blossom and grow, according to God’s purpose. All the inspiration, goals and dreams prepared by God are interwoven within the seed.

On this Mother’s day, regardless of who you are; prepare the ground and scatter the seed. The seed is the foundation of spiritual growth on one’s awesome journey with God.

May you be blessed!

“Take my staff of strength. Let it blossom and grow within you.”


Son Day for Sunday

Game of Life!

“You are making your way!”

On this auspicious and omnipotent day, you have discovered the “Game of Life”* and how to live it! The past is where is should be; behind you.

Your present; the gifts of the Mother/Father are here. They have been poured forth into holy vessels waiting for you to empty the contents; reach in and begin your life anew.

“God is man’s unfailing and inexhaustible supply.”

Begin to see the beauty all around you and hold to God’s perfect vision.

Nothing is hidden. You have a clear view.

“From where you are, step forward and breathe!”

*Florence Scovel Shinn

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