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Bearing Fruit – God is My Strength!

“Now that you have planted your seed, allow yourself to bloom and grow.”

A Vision:

The God of Strength offers you a staff. It symbolizes the great Mustard Tree; one with strong roots and a firm foundation, “My foundation is in the Light.”

You are a sprout that has pushed up through the earth. Continue to nurture and care for yourself.

Become familiar with your surroundings and pay attention. Don’t doubt or blow off the smallest detail

Let go and be the tree.

“Anyone who believes and has strength will do the greater works.”

Day of the Mother

“The mystery is a plan for fullness of time; a predestined purpose, according to God’s will.” (Eph 1)

In the garden, one of the plants I like to grow is Motherwort, also known as “Lions Tail.” There is a hint of strength is this tiny blessing of creation. Motherwort has healing properties that works on many levels. The seed is small (see pic) and requires delicate care when planting in the prepared soil; not too much water and don’t bury it too deep. Mother likes to be a bit closer to the surface, taking in the warmth of the morning sun.

Every plan (plant) in life begins as a seed. What is the source and where does it come from? “Every plant my Mother and Father in heaven has not planted will be rooted up and destroyed. Every plan that comes from heaven will not be dissolved.”

Once the seed takes hold, it will break through the soil and begin to bud, “Anyone who believes and has faith; beginning with the grain of a mustard seed, will do the works I do and greater!”

Mothers; when raising their children, scatter love as seeds of hope that one day their son or daughter will blossom and grow, according to God’s purpose. All the inspiration, goals and dreams prepared by God are interwoven within the seed.

On this Mother’s day, regardless of who you are; prepare the ground and scatter the seed. The seed is the foundation of spiritual growth on one’s awesome journey with God.

May you be blessed!

“Take my staff of strength. Let it blossom and grow within you.”


Son Day for Sunday

Game of Life!

“You are making your way!”

On this auspicious and omnipotent day, you have discovered the “Game of Life”* and how to live it! The past is where is should be; behind you.

Your present; the gifts of the Mother/Father are here. They have been poured forth into holy vessels waiting for you to empty the contents; reach in and begin your life anew.

“God is man’s unfailing and inexhaustible supply.”

Begin to see the beauty all around you and hold to God’s perfect vision.

Nothing is hidden. You have a clear view.

“From where you are, step forward and breathe!”

*Florence Scovel Shinn

Son Day for Sunday

Lights that Flicker

“A servant of God must stand so very much alone that he never realizes he is alone.”

Sometimes “Lights that Flicker” do fade or go out altogether.

In the early stages of “the Way” disappointments came. People who were lights faded out. Those who once stood strong turned away and this still happens today.

We all have clay feet at one time or another. If we travel back to the “Garden” for a moment, we find Jesus in the midst of distress. He asks his friends to “stay here and keep watch with me.” They soon fall back to sleep and he is left alone.

As individuals or as a collective, lights can flicker and fade for a period of time.

When important individuals go away, we are sad. Yet it is meant to be; time for all involved, to move on. Now what?

Finding solace in the “Light of the World”, the one that never extinguishes is our strength.

Tune in and seek the face of God; the eternal Light of Love, the one who promises, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.”

“You are beautiful, be my Light!”


Son Day for Sunday – I Am Waiting for You!

“I am waiting for you to gather with me on this Resurrection Morn”

Do I have your attention?

It is only when you are broken that you really seek me. When your heart and your spirit have been shattered into pieces is when I have your complete attention; like “Humpty Dumpty” being put back together again.

Remember what I said: “This is my broken body that I am giving up for your healing; always do this in memory of me!”

Brokenness does not mean defeat. It is a sign you can be put back together with God doing the repairs, “I didn’t have to walk that path. I did it for you!”

As the sun rises, the stone door has been rolled away:

“My soul awaits for the Light of you, Awaken, Arise and Be.”

Yeshua steps out and greets the dawn of this new day and so do you.

Here’s a question for you to ponder:

“Are you ready to come forward and be with me? All that is past is gone.”

Empty yourself so I can fill you!

 “Let’s meet in the breaking of the bread.”

Son Day for Sunday

Palm Sunday

Open Wide the Gates

 “Open the gates and those who keep the truth will enter in.” (Is. 26)

We have taken a brief respite here in Jerusalem. Everyone is welcoming us, “Hosanna!”

As we take this mini-break on the road, the weariness of travel falls off.

The Peace of Christ moves into our hearts and lives; holding back outside forces that want to offer conflict instead of resolution, “Bring into human condition, found in the likeness of being human.” (Phil. 2)

Remain focused. Keep your hands and hearts open and God will open wide, the gates!

“In rejoicing, God is my peace!”

Son Day for Sunday

Getting Set Free

“I am with you, forever.”

We are still on a mission moving towards Resurrection Day.

In the Gospel of St. John, Jesus is informed that Lazarus is ill, “the one you love is sick.”

Instead of going to Bethany immediately to remedy the situation, “he remained where he was staying for two more days.” Why the delay?

Jesus had a plan, “Abba, Thank You for having heard me; that they might believe that you sent me.

As he approaches the tomb, Jesus saw Mary and the others grieving; taking a moment to connect with those in attendance, “He wept.”

Jesus will meet us wherever we are in life, to set us free; whether in illness, grief, death, addiction, alcoholism, despair, etc.

We don’t know what Lazarus’ life was like before being placed in the tomb. Was his illness physical, emotional or spiritual or all three?

What we do know is when Lazarus walked out of the tomb, Jesus spoke these words, “Let him go free.”

Today, there is much suffering and chaos in this world; some self-inflicted and other situations or circumstances beyond one’s control.

What tomb are you stuck in? Do you want to get set free? Keep tuning in and stay the course; ask for help!

Our pace is going to quicken as we continue our journey with Jesus. See you in Jerusalem next Sunday!

“Whom the Son sets free is free indeed.” (Jn.8)