In the Middle of it All!

God's Garden

“The dawn has secrets to tell you, don’t go back to sleep.”

The coolness of winter hangs on a bit while the warmth of spring is ready to burst forth.
The garden has become quite active with signs of life and growth hanging about.
The plants and trees are ready; each in their own stage of being just as we are.
Now is the appointed time. Where will you go from here?

“I AM Awakening. I AM here!”

A Light Unto Darkness

Light Unto Darkness

 “I must work the works of the one who sent me, while it is day. The night is coming, when no one can work.”

“By coming to earth, I had to complete everything via the works of man, revealing God’s will.”

Today, we find desperation in the eyes and hearts of those in need; cut off from hope.

We are entering a season where one can be ‘Set Free’, but first it is necessary to remove the darkness that blocks the line of sight.

We develop tunnel vision and see only what we want to see.

Jesus offers a solution. The lesson goes deeper (see John 9):

Jesus spread mud on the man’s eyes. He instructs him to go and wash in the Pool of Siloam. The man regained his sight, “I was blind but now I see.”

Spiritual blindness can only be cured by allowing the Light of the World to clear the trail; “While I am in the world, I Am the Light of the World.”

Each soul has a personal responsibility to progress spiritually. One has to want it; to claim it.

Our goal is to be able to see again; begin again. 

“The holy and blessed God saw the Light of the Messiah and his works.” (Gen 1:4)


A Sense of Belonging

“I have not called you to be anyone other than who you are!”

While preparing for this Son Day for Sunday post, I came across a message I received in 2001. I felt the Spirit urging me to pass it on to my faithful readers. I pray this message speaks to you and moves you in a new direction:

“Re-acquaint yourselves with matters of the Spirit instead of issues of the world. Leave the worldly matters to God and all will be well.

When I first contacted you in 1994, I did not ask what your denomination was; what church you went to or if you were a theological scholar?  I asked you to quiet yourself and listen to the words I wish to share with all who come in contact with you.

Now for spiritual matters: It is not written anywhere that you have to attend any church or body thereof.

Many desire to come together in community and fellowship in a physical location and there are those who seek alternative paths for connecting.

If you choose to be part of a community, support that community in prayer whether in a building, on the road or on-line!”

“Pray for one another, because that is the greatest gift you can give to one in need!”

*If you are interested in participating in an on-line community, visit

 “Sacred Walk Home, A Ministry of Hope & Healing” FB group; an online “Gathering of Friends” without Walls or Borders. 

A Transformational Journey

On Holy Ground

“Let the Transformational Power of the Light surround you!”

Welcome to the “World of the Wondrous.”

As I walked in the yard before the dawn, I felt the grass shift a bit beneath my feet. I realized I was walking on holy ground.

It takes courage to go out into the dark. We can’t always see what’s right in front of us. In order to grow, that which is old has to go.

As I continued my journey, I saw a hint of Light on the horizon. God is calling, ““Let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think.” (Rom. 12:2)

Get up and go outside. Feel the earth beneath your feet.

In this new season we are presented with new opportunities for growth.

“The Light of Christ is all around.”

Spirit Driven

Wilderness Theme

“The Ruach drives him into the wilderness.”

We are in a state of transition and preparation and can’t see everything.

At some point, one may find it necessary to go back out into the wilderness; into the desert, to find that part of self that is lost. The key is not to stay in that out of the way place. It’s time to come back to reality and re-group. 

Jesus was ‘driven out’ and he reconvened with the Shekinah Spirit, finding comfort and support. He continued with his journey, “I am here to finish the work I was sent to do.” 

However, the ground is almost ready for the new spring planting, “Now is the fullness of time.” Get ready!

“The angels took care of him.”

Rivers in the Desert

“I Have Called You by Name and You are Mine!”

No matter how impossible a situation may be, God knows the route and will give us hints along the way. It is important to pay attention to every detail, no matter how big or small. God can make “Rivers in the Desert.”

For this Son Day for Sunday message, I turned to Isaiah 43. It is a chapter filled with words of promise and hope that we are not alone.

Jesus had the same struggles we have. After returning from the Jordan “full of the Spirit, he was led into the desert for forty days” and was tempted at every turn. Hungry and tired, he held on believing, “When you pass through deep waters, I will be with you; your troubles will not overwhelm you. When you pass through fire, you will not be burned; the hard trials that come will not hurt you.”

Here is a special message, just for you:

You have within you the innate ability to rise to the occasion; rise above fear or uncertainty. Find a common purpose or theme and stick to it. Regardless of your labor, the goal is still the same. Seek peace and you will have it. See a higher order at work.”

Don’t linger. Re-awaken in the connection!

“Here I am, doing a new thing; now it is springing up—do you not know about it? I will surely make a way in the desert, rivers in the wasteland.” 


On the Next Day

“I Light the Light of Love and I Place it in the East.”

In the early morning, after the Super Moon on 1-31-18, I received this vision:

As I stood in the East, the Lord was there to open the way with a large blank screen. As he began to raise the screen, I could see the sandy beach and the Light was everywhere.

Turning South, He raised the screen a bit more and I saw water.

In the West, the screen went higher. I saw waves that looked like bales of hay being harvested.

Facing North, the waves stopped in motion and the Light broke through.

I asked for an explanation and here is what was revealed to me:

“This is a vision of heaven and it also symbolizes the work one must do to move on. The Light always leads the way.

The sand is the foundation and while it is beautiful and warm, it shifts under your feet.

Make sure you have a foundation in me; the Christ, the Risen One who loves you and leads you along the journey.

The waves are a representation of all that is right now with humanity.

Soon people will begin to break free and when they do; they will be searching for a solution.

Now, we are going to take flight together; you and I. We are going to change the world. You are my emissary of Light & Hope. Are you ready?”

 “I Light the Light of Love and I Place it in the South.”

Clearing the Way

“One night I had a dream, I was walking along the beach with the Lord.”*

The places I spiritually interact and walk with Yeshua are in my garden or at the beach. Yesterday, during meditation, I was walking on the beach and I immediately, I thought of the prose, “Footprints.”

I first received a copy of this famous text, in a handwritten letter; given to me by a dear friend, years ago, when facing some obstacles in my life. I consider it one of my greatest treasures. In fact, I took it in and out of the envelope so many times, that I tore the envelope a bit.

In the midst of moving a few times, I lost the correspondence.  I tore my home apart looking for it and was so distressed when I couldn’t find it. Several years passed and I considered it lost or accidentally destroyed.

Last year, while going through some books in my office, the letter fell out of one of my books. It was still in the same envelope with the cover letter from my friend and the copy of footprints. 

I went through those books a dozen times. I knew it had to be an angel or one from beyond who put that letter back, because I needed to read it again. I was facing another major shift in my life. God always gives us what we need when we need it.

As we made our way down the beach, there was a sand dollar in the sand. Jesus said, “Pick it up and thrown it back in the water.” We walked a bit more and there was a snail shell. Again, he said, “Pick it up and throw it back in.”  Next there was a small rock and I threw it back in the water. We kept walking and I noticed a large boulder on the beach; oh boy!

There are many obstacles we face in this life. Sometimes there are blocks that cannot be moved, no matter how hard we try. A friend told me years ago, “Patty, God will move mountains, but you better bring the bull dozer.”

Jesus said to me, “If we both push this, it will go into the water.” Faith was the bull dozer and we rolled the boulder into the sea.

One of my favorite passages about moving mountains comes from Mark 11:

Jesus said, “Have faith in god. Truly, I say to you, whoever says to this mountain, ‘be taken up and thrown into the sea’ and does not doubt in her/his heart, but believes that what he says will come to pass, it will be done for her/him.”

“It was then that I carried you.”*

*Footprints (author unknown)

Cast that Net – Follow Me!

“All who were with him were amazed.” (Lk. 5)

Never has there been a time such as this. Humanity is crumbling and yearns to be set free.

Many have built their spiritual foundations on sand and have become disillusioned with life; “that which is old is not working anymore.”

Get busy. Cast those nets and go deep. Why? You are not alone. There are other kindred souls out there in the same boat.

Throw out those old blue prints. Design a new plan for living, creating a foundation that stands on solid or holy ground; one that will surpass all time, reflected in the Light of the Risen Christ.

Remember what Jesus said, “Don’t be afraid. From now on you will be catching more than fish.”

“They caught a great multitude. Their nets were breaking.” (Lk.5)

Getting Set Free – An Ongoing Journey

“Behold, the tabernacle of God is with men.” (Rv. 21)

Jesus left us a gift of freedom. It is so simple, yet we complicate everything and miss the message.

We can be made new and set free, if we will accept this gift of the Spirit; the promised one who resides within, forever.

Jesus says, “Take a moment to reflect and be; find that part of me that is inside of you and begin to commune with me. Herein is where we form our foundation together and begin the real work!

“They shall be his people and God himself shall be with them.” (Rv. 21)