Bearing Fruit – God is My Strength!

“Now that you have planted your seed, allow yourself to bloom and grow.”

A Vision:

The God of Strength offers you a staff. It symbolizes the great Mustard Tree; one with strong roots and a firm foundation, “My foundation is in the Light.”

You are a sprout that has pushed up through the earth. Continue to nurture and care for yourself.

Become familiar with your surroundings and pay attention. Don’t doubt or blow off the smallest detail

Let go and be the tree.

“Anyone who believes and has strength will do the greater works.”

Bearing Fruit

“By your fruits you are known.”

What does this mean? We will have to go deeper to answer this question.

What about the fig tree described by Jesus?

We are preparing for a new season; a mirror reflection of who we are and being “of” this world.

The time is near for our convergence with the Holy Shekinah Spirit, “when the branches become green and tender” and the tree starts putting out leaves, it means that “summer is near”.

Pentecost will be Sunday, June 4, 2017. How do we prepare for this event?

Whether in ministry or in life, we are called to be and Jesus asks us to bear “good fruit.”

Take a moment to reflect: What I am doing in my spiritual life or community to bear fruit?

At times, we fall short of this goal; relying on our own power to see life through that stems from unrealistic expectations that did not begin with God, but grew from our own “vain imaginings.”

Where is my foundation? Do I have my feet firmly planted on the ground?  We don’t have branches, leaves or trunks because we have not laid the foundation by preparing and planting seed (more on this next week).

“Fruit of the Vine will become one’s spiritual food.”

My Path is Before Me


“Follow your path designed by God, inspired by the Spirit.”


“All your hard work has paid off. Life is exciting.”

“God has blessed us and laid a new path at our feet,” I am the vine and you are the branches. Remain in me and you will bear much fruit. (Jn. 15:6)

With that being said, I have a “Very Special Ministry Message” that I received this morning to share with all of you. If you are not in ministry, this message will speak to you, whether you are experiencing a time of transition or new beginnings in your life.

May the blessings of these sacred words resonate in your heart and Spirit:

Everyone will have a separate platform. All the trappings and politics have fallen away.

You, each, as individuals and groups are returning to your roots. You will continue to make a difference in the lives of those around you.

I will send you out 2×2, just as I did in the beginning.

You will have all you need at your fingertips. Let it go and be.


“The Path to God is the essence of the Universe and for each being it is personal.”


*All excerpts are taken from Chapter 13, “Awakening the Inner Ticker of Life.”

A Higher Plan

“For I know the plans I have for you; to give you and a future.” (Jer. 29:11)

BleedingHeartGodsGarden copy

Be determined. Don’t let anything or anyone pull you away from the path, for any reason.
Now, this is the appointed time, the anointed place; stepping into the space and not falling between the cracks.
God always has a better plan with a higher, divine purpose.
Embrace the eternal part of you that longs for the blissful connection of being at one with God.
Now is the appointed time.
The map of your being was laid out before you were born, “Before I formed you, I knew you.” Today, I know you. Take time to get to know me.

“God’s plans stand firm and can never be shaken.” (PS. 33:11)

The Veil of Heaven

“When someone turns to God, the veil is taken away.” (2 Co. 3:16)

Heaven is opening. The veil is being drawn across the room and as the holy breath of heaven comes forth.

For those who have eyes to see; you will witness what is happening in the Spirit world in parallel to this world.

For those who have ears to hear, you will be able to listen without distraction.

For those who walk in the earthly world, be ye transformed.

The supernatural world will come alive for all who wish to be part of it and for those who operate in the Spirit; the gifts are ten-fold.

With God, “all things are possible” and there is no limitation.

Be open, aware and wait for further direction.

 “Wherever I am, God is.”

For further inspiration, enjoy this video by Amy Grant, Breath of Heaven


Awakening the Spirit


“Holy Spirit of Light and Fire, fill us with God’s desire.”(ATITOL, pg. 84)

Jesus promised, “I will send another to be with you.” The Holy Spirit is our constant companion; eternal, divine and unchanging, never taking a day off; walking with us throughout our lives. “Each day upon rising, ask me to be with you, to come into your heart. Focus on what is right in front of you and leave the rest of the day to me.”

God gives the Shekinah Spirit, the holy breath to all who are willing and open. “Intent is the Holy Spirit in motion, calling on one to awaken her/his mind and heart to the Inner Ticker of Life.”

When the Spirit gives a word of encouragement about which trail to follow, this is the Way of Holiness. It belongs to those who are followers of the Way, God’s Truth and the Light. “I am the comforter, the caretaker of your life and heart. It is I who whispers in your ear. It is I who holds your hand. It is I who is ever present in your life.”

 “I am the gentleness of your heart. I am a mighty rush of wind to your Spirit, when the wave comes over you, ‘It’s me’, Holy Spirit!”

Who Is It That You Look For? Part 8

A Celebration of the Risen Christ

“Listen the time has come.” (Jn. 16:32)


Easter Greetings and Blessings to All of You:

This morning, I woke up just before the sun rise, entered my outdoor chapel for a time of prayer and breaking of the bread; a celebration of the Risen Christ.

As I lit candles and prepared the table, the birds provided a nice back drop of music with their calls and whistles.

As I began to pray, the message was to “Listen.”

Less than a minute later, off the in the distance, I heard a neighbor welcoming the new dawn and proclaiming, “How Great Thou Art.” This song of praise, combined with the birds was like attending an outdoor concert.


“The sun rose so high on that Sunday morn’.

My clothes were white and dazzling, not a stitch was torn.

In the sleep I awoke to a brand new me.

Who Is It That You Look For? Is it I, He?”

(DMOL, Patricia A. Zorn, pg.57)


Let us have a moment of reflection, as we revisit a passage taken from the Book of Matthew:

“As Sunday morning was dawning, Mary Magdalene and the other Mary went to look at the tomb.

Suddenly there was a violent earthquake; an angel came down from heaven, rolled the stone away, and sat on it. His appearance was like lightning, and his clothes were white as snow.

The guards were so afraid that they trembled and became slain in the Spirit.

The angel spoke to both Mary’s: You must not be afraid, he said. I know you are looking for Jesus. He is not here. He has been raised.

You and I have reached the finish line for this part of our liturgical, but as always there is more to come.

Thanks for traveling with me this during this awesome Season of Lent & Easter.

Did you find the one you were searching for?

Have you learned a few things along the way?

God has revealed so much and the good news is “we have moved from suffering to health and from sorrow to peace. Tears have stopped flowing and hope is growing.”

On this Easter morn’, “Rise, walk and be; sharing the most excellent part of yourself.”


“God, your Light is greater than the brightest star. Your Spirit awakens all things. All that springs to life, your peaceful presence brings!”

 (Awakening the Inner Ticker of Life, pg. 77)

A Very Special Easter Message Just for You Easter Blessings – A Love Letter

Who Is It That You Look For? Part 4

“The people who sat in darkness have seen a great light. And for those who lived in the land where death casts its shadow, a light has shined.” (Mt. 4:16)


We continue our journey together and as always, we pick up spiritual gifts along the path.

A few nights ago, I had a dream and there was an owl on my pillow, next to my head; quiet and alert.

I always take special notice when the winged ones show up in a dream. There is a message for me and perhaps, for you as well.

Owl’s hunt at night and have the ability to see what others may miss. The message from this awesome creature is not to be distracted by what you see on the outside.

Here are the first two lines of the 3rd stanza of my poem: Who Is It That You Look For? Is it I, He?

So take my hand in silence, in goodness and in faith.

Never despair again about your long due wait.

(DMOL, Patricia A. Zorn, pg. 57)

Here are tips for Week 3:

  1. Appearances can be deceiving. “The eyes are like a lamp for the body. If your eyes are sound, your whole body will be full of light; but if your eyes are no good, your body will be in darkness. So if the light in you is darkness, how terribly dark it will be! (Mt. 6:22-23)
  2. “To Thine Own-self Be True.” Do not allow the disconcerted confusion or despair to interfere with your journey or the work you have been called to do.

“You shed light on the road leading to heartfelt compassion. You tell us turn to God and believe.” (Brother Roger)

Who Is It That You Look For? Part 2

“Are you the one we should be looking for? Or must we wait for someone else?” (Mt. 11:2-3)


When John was in prison, he was aware of Jesus’ ministry. He sent some of his companions to ask Jesus “Are you the one?”

I hope you have settled into your Sacred Space, taking time to ponder the question, “Who Is It That You Look For?”

For Week 2, here are a few suggestions:

Find a comfortable pair of shoes and get ready. Some of the terrain you walk upon might be a bit unstable; don’t lose heart. Unexpected events and the strain of life can wear you down and this will have a long-term effect on the state of one’s Spirit that is unsettled or disturbed.

Remember, there is wonder and joy ahead; even if you have to endure a few trials along the way, it won’t last.


Who Is It That You Look For? Is it I, He?

I trudged the road of destiny through every rock and toil.

I felt my face perspire amidst the sandy soil.

My journey was long and hard, and yet through it all,

I did it for humanity; I did it for you all!

You came upon my burial site, a place that was not my own.

You did not believe in me when I traveled to your home. (DMOL, Patricia A. Zorn, pg. 57)

Maintain your spiritual foundation and your faith. “It is being tested as fire tests and purifies gold—though your faith is far more precious than mere gold.” (1Pt. 1:6-8)

 Jesus said, “I was condemned because of who I was. I wanted man to see me, but he/she did not have eyes to see or ears to hear.” (DMOL, pg. 17)

A New Peace


“I may ask you to sit silent before me and I may speak no word that you could write. All the same, waiting with me, will bring you comfort and peace.”


As we move along in our New Year journey, take a moment pray for peace. Let it begin within and extend out into your community, state, nation and the globe.

Don’t let the bad news interfere with the Good News and the Light that has come forth this season. “All, whose thoughts are fixed on God, keep a perfect peace!”

Be Blessed, encouraged, and hopeful. Most of all-be full of peace!


“How I wish today that all people would understand the way to peace.” (Lk. 19:42)


Allow the life giving waters to stir from deep within, opening the way. Enter the silence and listen to the Peace Meditation