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Walk Your Talk

Last week, our topic was, “The Blessing of the Blessing.” Why not widen the circle a bit and strive towards being a spiritual blessing for all of 2014, and not just around the date of the New Year? People make all sorts of resolutions and run out of gas because one’s expectation exceeds reality. Many… Continue reading Walk Your Talk

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Seeking the Way

I have heard you. I have everything under control. It is time to step out and step in. Your door is opening, don’t close it. Resurrect yourself and abandon yourself to me. I am your supply, your source and your love. Believe and trust without wavering faith. I am who I am; today, tomorrow and… Continue reading Seeking the Way

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Mirror Image

St. Therese asked the question, How do I react when in my mind's eye, I see the defects of someone who doesn't attract me? Usually, what I see in another is the very same thing that resides within. How do we overcome such prejudice? “O everlasting Light, surpassing all created luminaries, ‘cast forth thy lightning’,… Continue reading Mirror Image

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Giving All

A simple tap of a cymbal and the tone of the world changes; in our wanting and in our growing this is what we strive for, to change, to give our all in spite of what is happening around us. “To lend without hoping for anything appears difficult in nature; one would prefer to give.… Continue reading Giving All