Take A God Break

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 “Take A God Break

Further Reflection:

“Have you found your perfect peace? If not, “Take a God Break” and start over!”


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Two by Two

Prophetic Passages

“So the Father has sent me, I am sending you out; two by two!”

When one is in motion, spinning too much; it’s hard to stop and appreciate all that is around you.

You have been sent to various parts of your world just as Jesus sent out those he loved, two by two.

If you feel concerned or fearful about where you are placed, do not fear! Instead, embrace the experience of being and living.

If you are a true light bearer/helper and follower of “The Way”; you are where you are supposed to be, allowing others to find and seek what you have.

Yes, there will be more “wars and rumors of wars”, as well as weather and earth changes.

In the midst of these challenges will be you, Children of God; spreading love and hope to those who have none, a shining light in very dark spaces.

Take your place and don’t look back or too far ahead!

We go hand in hand as I send you out, two by two!

“There are 2 olive trees, one on the right and one on the left.”

Receive & Believe Part 2

“As Jesus came up out of the water, heaven opened up.”*

This week, go a bit deeper:

The windows of heaven are opened just for you.

Through this opening, an anointed/spiritual blessing pours forth and a new truth is revealed.

Anointing, in this context is a gift; a welcome reception or identification of oneness. The anointing from heaven flows like water, washing over the recipient.

This present is a refreshment of the soul and shining of the Spirit; a covering or honoring of a connection between man and God that no one can sever.

“Whatever is bound in heaven is bound on earth.”


*Awakening the Inner Ticker of Life, pg. 44

Waiting & Ready

The highest and the best is what I want for you; not failure, disappointment or misunderstanding. I want you to have what I have; all that I am, to resonate for eternity. My world is your world.

My way; I am the way is your way. Which way are you going? Will you move towards me or away?

If you move ever so closely, you will see all that I am and what I have is yours. There is no holding back on my part. I don’t reward or take away as if you were a naughty child.

You are a child of mine; not in the sense of age, but in the sense of acknowledgment; of endearment. I am the shepherd. I look after you.

Decisions: We can make them together, if you have the courage and faith to wait. All of the puzzle pieces will fall into place and fit quite nicely.

What I offer you is to come closer. Move beyond the disappointments. Have faith and trust in my process. Yes and “More will be revealed.”

What more can I say to you except, “I Love You” and support you on your journey. All you have to do is ask me. I am here for you. There is none like you.

Go ahead. Knock, seek and find. I am here waiting and ready.

PS. I left a part of me in you via the Holy Spirit. Herein is where the truth is revealed.




Life’s difficulties are not intended to stop our spiritual growth. They help us move along with God’s mighty power.” (Awakening the Inner Ticker of Life, pg.58)

On this day of remembrance, God may seem far away; but God is not! God is everywhere you have ever been and everywhere you will ever go. God never leaves one’s side. God is our protector.

Press forward in courage and confidence, taking steps that God reveals to

you as you turn to God for guidance. “Be strong and of good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for God is with you wherever you go.” (Joshua 1:9 )All humans have within them the Divine source of courage.

Courage is an act of trust and may be said to be the foundation for other spiritual virtues, even love.

Wherever you are on this day, remember:

During the darkest hours of a challenge, I may feel as if it will take a miracle to bring light back into my life.

The dark of night is a prelude to the beginning of a new day and the return of warmth and brightness.”

(Awakening the Inner Ticker of Life, pg.58)

Who You Are Makes a Difference


The story “Who You are Makes a Difference” by Helice Bridges, comes from the 1st book in the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series.

When I attended my first seminary, one of our fellow classmates gave each of us a bookmark that said, “Who You are Makes a Difference, Thanks for Making a Difference in My Life.” I was touched by this act of kindness.

I had a copy of the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” book at home and went back to re-visit the story:

A teacher in a NY school wanted to tell the students in her class how they the difference they made in her life and in the lives of each other. She called each student to the front of the class and presented each one with a ribbon that said, “Who You Are Makes a Difference.”

The teacher gave her students a challenge and extra ribbons. She encouraged them to go out into the community and pass on a ribbon; thanking each person for making a difference in her/his life. The teacher wanted feedback on how lives were impacted by this “pay it forward” method.

The students passed out the ribbons and a miracle happened.

A junior executive passed on one of the ribbons to his boss explaining the school project and how much he appreciated him. The boss was a grouch.

The executive told his boss he was a creative genius and then gave his boss an extra ribbon; asking him to pass it on.

When the boss got home that night, he sat his 14 year old son down and said, “The most amazing thing happened to me today” and he began to relay the story. He told his son, “As I was driving home, I was thinking about whom I wanted to give this ribbon to and I want to honor you.” The man went on to explain, “My days are hectic and when I come home I don’t pay a lot of attention to you. Sometimes I scream at you to get your homework done. You’re a great kid and I love you.”

The son cried and replied, “I was planning on committing suicide tomorrow, Dad, because I didn’t think you loved me. Now I don’t need to.” What a great story and its true!

Back in 2005, I handed out cards to all the members of our community that said, “Who You Are Makes a Difference, Thanks for Making a Difference in My Life.” I wanted to thank our church members for making difference and here’s why:

Our church was invited to participate in a local fundraising project for the holiday.

We set up a booth as vendors, selling various food items to raise money for our outreach ministry of “Helping One Family at a Time.” Individuals from the community were very generous.

God carefully choreographed the entire disbursement plan.

A few weeks after our venture, a woman I knew lost her husband in a tragic accident. There was no life insurance and she had no money. As a couple, they lived below the poverty line with no resources for funeral costs.

I immediately asked for assistance from our community on her behalf and the response was, “Yes, do it.” I was so proud to be part of this fine group and to be their pastor.

Ten years later, these fine people are still transforming lives.

Remember, “Who You are Makes a Difference and Thank you, for Making a Difference in My Life.” Amen!

A Reminder of One’s Truth

The Song of Christ is all there is to hear.”

(Awakening the Inner Ticker of Life, page 42)

Old ideals no longer serve a universal purpose and do not speak to the core of one’s Spirit; lacking Truth.

Intense re-examination of an event becomes a burden. Imagined fears are mere shattered pieces of paper crumpled up to be thrown into the wind.”

When one abandons her/his Truth there is nothing to give; only glimpses of Light will shine forth.

Power does not come from opposition, but comes from a desire “to be”. What stands before you is much greater than what stands behind you. The resurgence of Truth and Light is a powerful experience.

In your pursuit of Truth, more will be revealed. “The Sight of Christ is all there is to see.”

Your desire to follow this path of Truth and Glory in the Light is the greatest gift you can give yourself. You are wondrous!

Hope is…


May your constant care and love be with us, God; as we put our hope in you.” (PS: 33)

Hope is putting one foot in front of the other, even when the path is not clear.

Hope is knowing we don’t walk alone and with God all things are possible.

Hope is using the tools God has laid at your feet.

Hope is everything.

Hope is acceptance and letting go of all flaws whether one is set free or still struggling.” (Awakening the Inner Ticker of Life, page 56)

Seek Peace in the Light


In you is the Source of Life. In your Light we see the Light.” (Ps. 36)

Negativity creates a sheath of fear that creeps across whatever screen we have in front of us. We are powerless over the changes happening within and around us; especially the stuff in life we have no control over.

Fear knocks one-off her/his center of being and interferes with the presence of the Light and flow of the Spirit.

As followers of “The Way”, our goal is to be a reflection of Christ’s Light and spread the good news that God is with and within us, wherever we go.

We have the innate ability to rise above the fray and uncertainty, allowing all to find peace within. “The one who follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the Light of Life for her/his guide.” (Jn. 8:12)

Regardless of who you are or what your station in life is, take a moment to reflect on these simple words:

Seek peace and you will have peace.

Create havoc and you will have discord.

Rise above life’s circumstances and look for a higher purpose in all areas of being.

Seek, Believe and Walk in the Light!”

Free To Be

We are so fortunate to live in a nation where everyone has to the right to pray or live in freedom without prejudice.

In the 2nd Chapter of St. James there is a message about how one must never treat others differently according to their outward appearance, gender or station in life.

Many years ago, a self-help group attempting to get their feet off the ground had a special encounter, struggling with unrealistic rules and regulations.

One day this group was gathering and a young man, suffering, and hurting knocked on the door. A member went and answered the door.

The young man stated his desperate case and above all wanted to find healing from the malady that plagued his every step.He asked a question, “Will you let me join your group?” “Since I am the victim of another affliction even worse stigmatized, you may not want me among you. Or will you?”

Here was the dilemma: what should the group do allow him in or turn him away?

The older members gathered in confidence, and one man spoke up saying, “If we turn this one away, he’ll soon die”. “If we allow him to stay, only God knows what trouble he’ll brew”. What should the answer be, yes or no?

There was further discussion, one of the members heard five words running in his head, and he spoke up and said, “What would the Master do?” Not another word was said.

This young man was let in and proved that he wanted to get well and in turn helped many others. Jesus said, “Follow me on my way, and care for my people until none are sick and hurting.

As you go about your life this independence weekend, remember we are all God’s children and are free to be you and me!