The Courage to Change the Things I Can

What you cannot do is change conditions, events are events.
What you can do is pray all the way through a situation.
If one is concerned about her/his labor, see the Father as the giver of all.
Lack is not of God. Lack is of the world.
Abundance is of heaven.
Abundance is mindset and action.
“Fix our eyes on Jesus”, run the race with the Light of the World.
If you are concerned about a family member, remember this:
“All are under the shadow and the protection of God almighty.”
We spoke recently about sending the “Light of Love” to areas of disturbance. The deep part within man can also be an area of disturbance, just like the ocean waters.
After you center yourself in prayer, fill yourself up with the “Light of Love”, and send it to those with whom you are so concerned with.
Catch a vision of yourself resting comfortably in the arms of Christ.
See yourself in comfort and see your loved one’s embraced and comforted as well.

Core Issues

There is no separation in time or being.
Last week, I encouraged each of you to “Go Deep”, take a moment and reflect on that inner most part of your being.
There is a direct parallel between the issues in the body of water known as the “Gulf”, and the issues deep within man.
For it was written that the changes would come about, and the seas would rise, shift and change; so it is that man must rise, shift and change.
Just as there is a core in the earth; there is a core within man.
The core that resonates a strong and tall vibration is fear.
Fear is the variance of evil within man at this time.
You see, every time there is a shift or change in the earth there is a shift or change within man.
The earth, she will do what she needs to do as it is.
Man, however, has a choice. She/he can choose to stay in a state of fear or hopelessness, or ascend to a new level of seeing and being.

Fear Meter

Man can choose to stay in a state of fear or hopelessness, or ascend to a new level of being and seeing.

This week, take a moment to check your fear meter.

If fear is at the core of your being, pray and bring that issue to the surface to have a look at the reflection of self and life!

Earth Changes – Going Deep

“Just ask the animals, and they will teach you. Ask the birds of the sky, and they will tell you. Speak to the earth, and it will instruct you. Let the fish in the sea speak to you. In whose hand is the soul of every living thing and the breath of all mankind? With him are wisdom, courage and strength. He has counsel and understanding.” (Job)
When we look at the body of water in the gulf we realize there is a direct parallel reality that exists within man.
The human body is composed of water and the gulf is composed of water.
Any impurities within the body travel through the bloodstream, causing infections, dis-ease, imbalance, which is a lack of ease or balance.
The same impurity is within the gulf. You find dis-ease in the marine life. See how the animals are confused?
When issues or imbalances in the system or universe come about, something needs to be done, a cleansing of sorts.
The imbalance relates to the shift and the crevices that are deep within your earth.
The same type of shake up is happening within the deepest part of man.

Mighty Rush of Wind

“I am the gentleness of your heart. Yet, I am a mighty rush of wind to your Spirit, when the wave comes over you, ‘It’s me’, Holy Spirit!”

Spiritual Foundation

Do you have a foundation in Christ or is your foundation in the world?
Is your spiritual foundation shaky?
I am your rock and your salvation!
“Come unto me” you who are weary, worn and weak, and “I will give you rest.”

Earth Changes – Light Bearer

If you are a true light bearer/helper, you are where you are supposed to be.
Remember you are the light that shines so others can find it.
Yes, there will be more “wars and rumors of wars”, weather and earth changes.
Yet, in the midst of all of these changes will be you, children of light, spreading love and hope to those who have none; a shining light in very dark spaces.
Now, take your place!
Don’t look back or too far ahead!

Earth Changes – Gulf

Let’s look at the Gulf:
With this incident/change, the flow has been interrupted. The technology has failed temporarily.
Stop blaming others and keep praying for this area.
It is very important.
You are now going to see a shift in the consciousness of your country!
It is time to keep the eye on the prize, the people and their needs.
Rebuilding will happen on many levels.

Come Closer!

In our prayers we are beckoned to come closer to Christ:
“Come unto me all who are weary, and full of burden and I will give you rest.”

Earth Changes – Keep Praying!

Begin this day to send the “Light of Love” to areas of the world where there is war and destruction.

You have an area closer to your shore line that needs prayer daily.

You are informed there is an oil spill.

Look into your gulf waters.  This area needs prayer.

Here is what is happening in relation to the earth changes:

Remember the earth lives and breathes as you do.

As the earth is shifting and wobbling, and that is what she is doing; she is shifting to make adjustments for all the problems on the surface.

What is happening in the gulf and other areas of your planet is the stuff that is not on the surface. This relates to what runs deep.

Beneath the ocean floor is where the seismic activity is taking place. You are seeing earthquakes all around the globe.

It is most interesting where the quakes are occurring now.

All of these geographical areas are connected and the connections, the lines follow the floor, and beneath the floor.

It is not what you can, but what you cannot see, the issues that run deep!