Doors Part 2

Acceptance of a situation or a person passing through life does not come easy. Sometimes we cannot hear God’s stirring of the Spirit and create a false vision that He has somehow abandoned us.

In the midst of grief or disappointment, we don’t see the glass as half full with infinite possibilities. We see the glass as half empty, finite and finished.

In despair, we try to remain busy thinking we are doing something, but in essence we are doing nothing. “Mine to cause the doors to swing open, as you come to them, not before.”

We instinctively want to step ahead of God by trying to move things or life along at a quicker pace.

What happens when God closes a door or a chapter in the Book of Life comes to an end? We have to let go of the tight hold one has on the door knob, and begin to see hope in the light filtering through the crack in the threshold.

“As you started your journey, what would it have profited had you worried about the closed door ahead? Go on in faith and trust. The Way opens as you go.”

“How often have I opened those doors for you in the past?” More doors will open. So trust, so hope, so love and remember “with God all things are possible.”