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Seek Peace in the Light

  “In you is the Source of Life. In your Light we see the Light.” (Ps. 36) Negativity creates a sheath of fear that creeps across whatever screen we have in front of us. We are powerless over the changes happening within and around us; especially the stuff in life we have no control over.… Continue reading Seek Peace in the Light

Letting Go

Without the Flow You Cannot Go

Life happens, you cannot stop it. Find a way to flow with it; without it, you cannot go. The ministry, the work and the “Way”, when it began was wondrous. In a community of equals, the Spirit flowed through everyone; women and men. We have lost that balance in this era of being. The spiritual… Continue reading Without the Flow You Cannot Go

Letting Go, New Beginnings

A Heavenly Message for You: Let Life Flow

Let Life Flow! This is a new day and there is no need to rush; just be and let everything go. One cannot depend upon man to meet her/his needs. My Shekinah Spirit is not limited by anything or anyone; it is and I am. Don't stay stuck in fear. The outside is a reflection… Continue reading A Heavenly Message for You: Let Life Flow