Son Day for Sunday

The Ball is in Your Court

“God does not delay in keeping the promise!” What do we mean when we say, “The Ball is in Your Court?” Here is a Prophetic Message to help answer this question: “The “Inner Ticker” (Holy Spirit) is what stirs’ one to move forward, as life unfolds. You have come so far. Why am I telling… Continue reading The Ball is in Your Court

Spiritual Growth

In the Middle – Advent – Week 2

“And from out of the root of Jesse a flower shall ascend.” (Is. 11:1) Being in the middle of Advent, we get distracted with the stuff of the season and forget, “The one who walked among us will come again!” The root represents spiritual growth at any stage in life. In order to prepare for… Continue reading In the Middle – Advent – Week 2

Healing, Light of Christ

Bringing in the Light

During this Season of Advent, our spiritual goal is to move towards the Light. This is also a time of year when energies increase on the planet and one cannot keep up with her/his own personal demands. The body goes into crash mode making one vulnerable to stuff floating around in the air. Many forget… Continue reading Bringing in the Light