Healing, Light of Christ

Bringing in the Light

During this Season of Advent, our spiritual goal is to move towards the Light. This is also a time of year when energies increase on the planet and one cannot keep up with her/his own personal demands. The body goes into crash mode making one vulnerable to stuff floating around in the air. Many forget… Continue reading Bringing in the Light

Inspirational Message, Spiritual Growth

Divine Spark Part 2

Have you embraced the “Divine Spark” or have you cut off the divinity within? In every situation there is a dichotomy, which path do I take?  All the answers you seek reside within. Spiritually, we are now in the in-between place. The window has opened wide between the waiting period, of Advent (Emmanuel, God is… Continue reading Divine Spark Part 2

Giving, Inspirational Message

Advent Week 2 – A Lesson in Giving

“Jesus, help me to simplify my life by learning what you want me to be – and becoming that person.” St. Therese Lessons in giving are all about synchronicity. God fine tunes the appropriate time and place, to be in line with his divine time clock. He gently dials into the still small voice within,… Continue reading Advent Week 2 – A Lesson in Giving

Hope, Inspirational Message

Advent Week 1 – I Hear Him Calling!

The psalmist writes, “If today you hear his voice, harden not your heart!” Do you hear him calling? Many are busy rushing here and rushing there, not noticing the world is just a bit off center. Christ said, “Look for signs”. We have to look for inner and outer signs in ourselves and in our… Continue reading Advent Week 1 – I Hear Him Calling!

God, Hope, Love

Advent 2012 – Week 4 – Hope & Love

“Our hearts are ever restless until we find our rest in you.” St. Augustine God’s love is infinite, divine and perfect. It is something we all search for throughout our lives. We get glimpses of this love through our interactions with those we love; our spouses, partners, children, best friends, etc. Love is not in… Continue reading Advent 2012 – Week 4 – Hope & Love

Helping Others, Hope, Inspirational Message

Season of Light – Advent – Week 2 – Understanding

In this Season of Light, one becomes aware of the need to give. We see all the signs. There are more disheveled souls standing on corners and medians of local highways; holding small signs, looking for something or perhaps, a little understanding. Awareness of one’s plight brings about a hint of understanding or why we… Continue reading Season of Light – Advent – Week 2 – Understanding