Hidden Gems – Week 5

A Surprise Visit!

The great awakening is on the horizon.”

Pay attention to everything you do and everywhere you go; it is of utmost importance, “Jesus rarely comes where we expect him.” He appears where we least expect him and always in the most illogical situations.”*

As we continue our road trip, we are reminded we are part of something much bigger than ourselves. We have to be ready for Christ’s “surprise visit” at every turn.

The readiness of the experience will not be brought about by acts of service, but through intense spiritual reality via child-like faith.

Are you ready for your surprise visit?

 “Be ready!”(Lk. 12)



God Within

“God is within you and will quiet you with his Love.”

 We are now in the season of the latter day rains, just beyond the harvest.

In this spiritual walk, we are often distracted with doing this and that, missing the message of the day.

The central focus of life is our personal relationship with God.

In order to nurture and grown in this relationship, we must immerse ourselves in God’s truth; allowing it to soak into our Spirit, thus “Awakening the Inner Ticker of Life.”

“The kingdom of God is within you.”