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When We Bless Others, God Blesses Us!

“Blessings and promises from God are from everlasting to everlasting.” When we bless others, God blesses us. Its okay to wait upon the urging of the Holy Spirit as God’s timing is perfect. “I make myself known to all by the Spirit within.” (Awakening the Inner Ticker of Life, pg. 83) Recently, I was being… Continue reading When We Bless Others, God Blesses Us!

Light of Christ

Epiphany- An Awakening of the Light

“Nations will walk in the Light of Christ.” (Rev. 21) Jesus was the first live representation of the Light that humanity witnessed. The Light was in and around him. Those who were closest to Jesus during his earthy ministry, at first glance, did not recognize him after the resurrection. For example: Two of Jesus’ followers… Continue reading Epiphany- An Awakening of the Light

Inspirational Message, Peace

My Peace I Leave You

"I am leaving you with a gift—peace of mind and heart.” And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give." (Jn. 14) Right now, the world is like a rubber band, stretched and ready to snap. Your prayers for peace, for one another are most important and critical at this time on… Continue reading My Peace I Leave You

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“What is that to thee, follow me!” (John 21) Jesus was perfectly at ease in the conscious presence of the one who loves us with an everlasting love. To Jesus, God was an intimate and friendly presence with the needle on the compass pointing in the right direction, assuring that one will stay on course… Continue reading RIGHT TRACK