My Thoughts – My Ways

“My thoughts are not your thoughts.” (Is. 55)

Jesus spoke many times about dissension, “Every kingdom having been divided against or any group splintered by feuding is doomed to fall apart.” (Mt. 12:25)

When others would rather focus on the problem instead of the solution, one is forced to step out of the line of fire and move on.

Don’t get distracted. Listen to the Spirit:

Build up and edify your Spirit, always through the reinforcement of the word in a positive form; whether taken from scripture or another source in order. Rebuild after adversity. Have faith in the midst of turmoil.

A Solution:

“Truly man’s thoughts are not God’s thoughts, nor man’s ways, God’s ways. When you seek to follow Me in all; it frequently means a complete reversion of the way of the world you have hitherto followed. Reversion leads to boundless happiness and peace.” (GC)

 “My ways are not your ways, but they can be!” (Is. 55)

*God Calling

Into Change

It’s not about the change. It’s what happens when we step into the change.”

 “Here I Am! I Am Ready!” So many make promises and yet, stumble along the way. Who is it that you serve, God or man? “Am I the one you lean into?”

It is much easier to pretend to be someone or something you are not, than it is to admit that the direction of one’s path has come about by your own power instead of God’s Shekinah power and nothing is working. What’s next? Find that part of you that yearns to be with me. Step out and be!

Here you stand now. If you are really ready; welcome the change. The cross+road is before you. Are you stepping in or stepping out?

“All you need to do is cross the road and I will be waiting for you. Here is where we begin our journey, together; the one without all the forks in the road.”

When the Unexpected Comes Knocking

“Before you call, I answer.”

How can one attain peace when life is in turmoil?

What about the negative thoughts keep circling around or confusion that knocks one off her/his path? In bewilderment, our vision becomes distorted; we don’t have the whole picture; what if?

We feel trapped, as though we have to go to battle for someone or something. Whose battle is it? Is the battle ours to fight? No.

“Rest in the Lord. Do not fret.”

Learning to get out of God’s way can be a challenge, but not impossible.

 “The government rests upon God’s shoulders.”

Take action instead of reacting by moving out of the driver’s seat.

We may receive a word from a friend or an inspiration from the Spirit nudging us to follow a different course; opening the door to peace and hope.

Letting go and believing God works in mysterious ways and unexpected places, with wonders; will allow one to maintain a balance when the unexpected comes knocking.

 “When you are in trouble, I will be with you!”

Week 4 Joy


The flowers appear on the earth, the time of singing has come, and the voice of the turtle-dove is heard in our land.” (Song of Solomon 2:12)

Spring is almost here, just days away with new beginnings blooming all around us.

Nature is the embodied Spirit of My Thoughts of beauty for this world. Treat her as such – as truly My servant and messenger, as any saint who has ever lived.

To realize this will bring to you new life-joy. Share her joys and travails, and great blessings will be yours.

This is all-important, because it is not only believing certain things about Me that helps and heals, but knowing Me, sensing My Presence in a flower, My message in its beauty and perfume.” (God Calling)

Tool 4:

This week, begin to treat yourself kindly. Live a life not of this earth, but one of heaven; in the here and now. Find your joy!

The trees in the woods will shout for joy.” (1 Ch 16:33)

I Am the Breath of Light

L=Let’s E=Embrace N=New T=Tools

Welcome to our first segment of this Sacred Wheel of Life known as Lent.

I am the Breath of Light and the Bread of Life!

Come now and seek me. Let me show you the way.

I hold out my hand to you; grasp it.

We have a long journey ahead of us. Find comfort with each step you make.

Take a moment to get centered and quiet. Breathe in and out.

Tool 1:

As you step into this new season of life, practice breathing in the most excellent part of God and releasing that which does not serve.

Breathe on Me, Breath of God. Fill me with life anew; that I may Love what you Love and do what you what do!” (Edwin Hatch)

A New Path

Literally, you have to depend on Me for everything – everything. It was out of the depths that David cried unto Me, and I heard his voice. (God Calling)

I am preparing my spring garden and following a new path in life. You are not at the mercy of Fate, or buffeted about by others.

I took some time yesterday to move some of the plants around to new spots following the direction of the Spirit. You are being led. Do not try to plan. I have planned.

Allowing one’s self to be led by God requires blind faith and trust. It took several years for me to grasp this concept that God had a path for me to follow and a purpose for my life. “You are the builder, not the Architect.”

Change is not easy. There is a time of preparation required. It may be time to recycle the old stuff back to the earth and plant new seed in honor of new beginnings.

God did for me what I couldn’t do myself. I kept stumbling over the same people and problems; “nothing changes if nothing changes.”

You are being led in a very definite way, and others who do not serve your purpose are being moved out of your Path by Me.” We can bless that being and the path she/he is on, and be grateful to not be on the same path.

God knows what we need and when we need it. “I know the future. I can read hearts. I know better than you, what you need. Trust in me, absolutely!”

As a result of trusting in God and taking this action, a new path appeared before my eyes and at my feet. The new seed I planted in pots is starting to grow. “Go very quietly, very gently.”

Wherever you go and whatever you do, you will be blessed.” (Deu. 28:6)

Be Transformed

Let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think.” (Rom. 12:2)

Winter can be a dull time for some. It is cold, bleak and the sun does not shine everyday in certain parts of the world; causing one’s thoughts to wander backwards down a dark path.

We have to transform our thoughts by renewing one’s mind. Find a favorite passage from scripture or create a new affirmation to step up your vibration.

Life is happening, you just can’t see it. Yet, something is stirring within to pull you out of the mire you have stepped into.

Open your heart to the sacred mysteries of life that bring about miracles, signs and wonders.

Here’s a tip: It’s a new moon again and time to plant seed that will sprout and grow when Spring arrives. Planting seed is like planting one’s prayers. Each time you place a seed in the dirt, say a prayer and give thanks.

In the action of the experience, we get to focus on who we are right now and the person God wants us to be; instead of focusing on what was.

How do you want to be transformed?

I will transform the valley of trouble into a gateway of hope.”(Hos. 2:15)

Lent – Week 5: Bringing It All to the Table 2013

We are presented with a poignant moment as we enter the scene of John’s Gospel, Chapter 8; Jesus is writing something on the ground.

Not only did Jesus know the shortcomings of every person present, he was also giving us a glimpse of our own sin in life.

As Jesus prepares for his entry into Jerusalem for Passover, many will be silently displaying what is deep within their own hearts and cemented in the spirit.

Some will turn away from the Light of Christ as he passes by; seeing him as a nuisance, wanting him out of their sights so they can continue with the secret life each has chosen. They are a reflection of rejection, condemnation, addiction, abuse and selfishness.

There will be others who welcome the Christ, saying:”Hosanna”, but they will still have a bit of apprehension, not sure what to make of this prophet from Galilee. Fear is still hanging on the clothes line not quite yet dry.

Only a handful of souls caught the vision way back then, having the courage to change and this holds true today.

What about you? Where do you fit?

When we look at Lent, many asked this question, “What shall I give up during these next forty days?” It is easy, once the season is over, you can take back whatever you gave up; and pick it up with more obsession and commitment than ever before.

Now here we are, ever closer to the table.

The inner question now is not “What I want to give up, but, what do I want to really want to change about myself long-term?” Reflect and Pray!

See you in Jerusalem!

Gathering with Kindred Souls – Connecting the Broken Links

“I will call my people and gather them together. I will rescue them for I have redeemed them.” (Zechariah 10)


This is the time for small cell groups or home church communities to gather together, making an effort to support and fellowship with one another. We re-connect links that would otherwise remain broken and forgotten.

There are literally hundreds of small faith communities that meet in local homes or small centers, on a weekly or even monthly basis. Stand up and be counted in faith and truth.

During this changing and challenging spiritual time, we are reminded of what God says, “I can never forget you. I have written your name in the palm of my hand.” (Isaiah 49:16)

Let us not forget one another and take cause to re-connect.


The Winds of Change!

The winds of change blow this way and that way. We never know which way the winds will blow in our lives.
“About 5,000 men were fed that day, in addition to all the women and children!
Immediately after this, Jesus insisted that His disciples get back into the boat and cross to the other side of the lake, while He sent the people home.
After sending them home, He went up into the hills by Himself to pray. Night fell while He was there alone.
Meanwhile, the disciples were in trouble far away from land, for a strong wind had risen, and they were fighting heavy waves.”

Keep yourself anchored in and God the Light, and all will be well.
Remember the words of Jesus,” Don’t be afraid,” He said. “Take courage. I am here! ”
When the wind blows and you feet are firmly planted on the ground, the wind does not blow directly at you, but can flow around you.
‘Yes, come,’ Jesus said. “So Peter went over the side of the boat and walked on the water toward Jesus. But when he saw the strong wind and the waves, he was terrified and began to sink. ‘Save me, Lord!’ Peter shouted.”
This is the miracle- God is present in every situation or experience in our lives, both good and bad. Jesus immediately reached out and grabbed Peter. “You have so little faith,” Jesus said. “Why did you doubt me?”
This is a given – the wind will eventually settle and the sea of life will calm down.
“And when they got back into the boat the wind died down.”