Our birth in God’s heart starts as a divine spark not born of the flesh, but one that tweaks the Spirit and has been in play for infinity.” (Awakening the Inner Ticker of Life by Patricia A. Zorn, soon to be released)

We are still in the birthing stage and a time of personal creation on this Lenten journey.

In our time away, we anticipate a bud will open within allowing the flower of life to bloom.

Tool 2:

God says, “Take this time as a way to come closer to me. The opening of the flower represents the opening of my arms. Share love, joy, happiness and wonders will unfold!”

Real intimacy with God comes from the close loving contact of your spirit with the Shekinah Spirit.”

Seek Peace in the Light


In you is the Source of Life. In your Light we see the Light.” (Ps. 36)

Negativity creates a sheath of fear that creeps across whatever screen we have in front of us. We are powerless over the changes happening within and around us; especially the stuff in life we have no control over.

Fear knocks one-off her/his center of being and interferes with the presence of the Light and flow of the Spirit.

As followers of “The Way”, our goal is to be a reflection of Christ’s Light and spread the good news that God is with and within us, wherever we go.

We have the innate ability to rise above the fray and uncertainty, allowing all to find peace within. “The one who follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the Light of Life for her/his guide.” (Jn. 8:12)

Regardless of who you are or what your station in life is, take a moment to reflect on these simple words:

Seek peace and you will have peace.

Create havoc and you will have discord.

Rise above life’s circumstances and look for a higher purpose in all areas of being.

Seek, Believe and Walk in the Light!”

God’s Plan


God always has a plan for His children and in His plan there is purpose.
God says: My plan is different from your plan. Have patience and wait for my plan.
My ways are not your ways. My thoughts are not your thoughts.
Find it, my plan, my way; Yahweh and I will meet you in the sunlight of my Spirit.

Cutting the Ties that Bind

As I stated in an earlier post, many times, while traveling my own “Sacred Walk Home”, I have heard these words, “Don’t look back, look up and see all the greatness I have in store for you”, and this has brought me immense comfort over the years.
However, our spiritual condition can come under attack through life experiences such as the death of a loved one, job loss, illness, accident, broken relationships, moving, etc.; all causing deep emotional distress.
Many of those I have encountered in a spiritual setting find it difficult to look up because life can seem so heavy. The tremendous burden of fear, anger, resentment, bitterness and un-forgiveness that finds its way into our hearts often causes one to look down or feel beaten down.
It can be challenging to let go of the ties we have to one who has transitioned to a higher call in heaven, or has moved completely out of the picture. This creates a void in the heart, confusion in the mind, and trauma settles in the body.
There can be a desire to constantly revisit what was, instead of embracing what is.
I believe it is important to march beside Christ into the depths of loneliness, despair and brokenness, to find freedom and redemption in his Light and Resurrection.
I have taken the Golgotha trek over the years when trauma has visited by life.
God will always give us what we need if we are paying attention.
In the spring of 2008, Lent was fast approaching, and God wanted me to encourage members of our Catholic faith community to retrace Jesus’ steps, using the “Stations of the Cross” as a map for our spiritual journey together.
During our weekly gathering, I broke the ‘Stations” down, as part of my homily, using references from scripture as a backdrop, tying in the spiritual significance of each stop along the way.
The Holy Spirit, the “Inner Ticker of all life” was stirring within me to go deeper.
As I was writing, the Lord began to give me pictures of his journey and his impressions through meditation.
I had a hard time keeping up with the information that was coming in, typing as fast as my fingers could move. I kept pace and remained devoted to the task, knowing I would have the opportunity to share it with others.
This exercise in faith, combined with the celebration of the Holy Eucharist proved to be a life-changing experience for those of us who gathered together, including members who were homebound, and pilgrims who lived in other parts of our nation and the world.
I am now sharing this information with those I encounter via the spiritual retreats I facilitate. It is exciting to see the transformation among those who are searching and broken.
By cutting the ties that bind, I believe one can ascend to her/his prominent post in life, and look up to see the greatness that God has in store for each person through mental, physical and spiritual healing!

Stand Tall

“When these things begin to happen, stand up tall and don’t be afraid.”

“Amazing things will happen to the sun, moon, and stars. And people all over the earth will be upset and confused by the noise of the sea and its crashing waves. They will be afraid and worried about what will happen to the world. Everything in the sky will be changed. Know that it is almost time for God to free you!” (Luke 21)

On November 27, 2011, the First Sunday of Advent, I felt the presence of heaven in my “quiet place.”

The words passed on to me during my silent time of prayer, were to find great joy in the midst of all life, and be redeemed and sanctified.

Jesus spoke of the signs that we would see and the signs are here. We don’t have to go far to find truth in his words from long ago.

Just this year, we have seen what the churning of the earth and the rising waters have done in many parts of the world, “all the people will be upset and confused by the noise of the sea and its’ crashing waves.”

People are distressed. In the midst of disaster brings great upheaval and confusion.

Jesus also said, when these events happen, be not afraid. So what choices do we have?

We can run away like a dog with a tail between its legs, or we can stand tall in honor and truth, knowing that we do not walk alone.

Advent is a time of preparation to whatever one may be giving birth to at this time in life.

We are encouraged to go within; to look deep and find that which may dark or fearful; bring it out into the Light to be refined like silver.

In the process of refinement, I can look at what it means to be spiritually redeemed or sanctified. Redemption allows one to be set free. Sanctification allows one to create a spiritual space within that is sacred and holy; a special place to meet God.

We can “go into the closet and shut the door”, and find that blessed time away from the maddening crowd.

When we make our connection with God, we are transformed in our spirit.

Whatever you find yourself struggling with during this ‘Season of Light’, remember this too shall pass, and God has a greater plan.

“Don’t look back, look up and see all the greatness I have in store for you.”

The Courage to Change the Things I Can

What you cannot do is change conditions, events are events.
What you can do is pray all the way through a situation.
If one is concerned about her/his labor, see the Father as the giver of all.
Lack is not of God. Lack is of the world.
Abundance is of heaven.
Abundance is mindset and action.
“Fix our eyes on Jesus”, run the race with the Light of the World.
If you are concerned about a family member, remember this:
“All are under the shadow and the protection of God almighty.”
We spoke recently about sending the “Light of Love” to areas of disturbance. The deep part within man can also be an area of disturbance, just like the ocean waters.
After you center yourself in prayer, fill yourself up with the “Light of Love”, and send it to those with whom you are so concerned with.
Catch a vision of yourself resting comfortably in the arms of Christ.
See yourself in comfort and see your loved one’s embraced and comforted as well.