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In the Silence of the Moment

What is it that you seek?

Do you search for peace of mind, or wish for circumstances to be different?

Prayer is the only action that will shift one from blindness into the door of the Light.

Prayer is the greatest tool in your arsenal; use it don’t abuse it. To demand or declare from God, in the midst of a deep hole or storm doesn’t stop the world from rolling by.

It is always in the silence of the moment, when the words of repetition or request stop; it is in this moment that I hear you.

You can let go and we can have a dialogue between us.

It is not before or after I hear you. It is always in the moment.

The Eternal Seamstress/Tailor

Occasionally, life will tear at us, a hole here, and a rip there.

God and the heaven world are intervening on our behalf.

Good things are coming for all of us.

See the pattern of your life being designed right before your eyes; every stitch, every seam, perfect without flaws.

When we think our earth is falling apart, see God sewing it back up!

The Courage to Change the Things I Can

What you cannot do is change conditions, events are events.
What you can do is pray all the way through a situation.
If one is concerned about her/his labor, see the Father as the giver of all.
Lack is not of God. Lack is of the world.
Abundance is of heaven.
Abundance is mindset and action.
“Fix our eyes on Jesus”, run the race with the Light of the World.
If you are concerned about a family member, remember this:
“All are under the shadow and the protection of God almighty.”
We spoke recently about sending the “Light of Love” to areas of disturbance. The deep part within man can also be an area of disturbance, just like the ocean waters.
After you center yourself in prayer, fill yourself up with the “Light of Love”, and send it to those with whom you are so concerned with.
Catch a vision of yourself resting comfortably in the arms of Christ.
See yourself in comfort and see your loved one’s embraced and comforted as well.

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