Forgiveness, Healing, Letting Go


“Look with the eyes of your love upon our many imperfections” (LCC) There is a lot of discussion out there about women and the topic of forgiveness; who can give it and who is deserving of it. Each day, as children of a loving God, we make choices and decisions based on what one perceives… Continue reading Forgiveness

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I Stand at the Door and Knock!

Do I wait, do I wonder, do I ponder? Are you going to answer the door? Next week a very special journey will begin, Lent. L=Let's E=Embrace N=New T=Tools Each week during Lent, I will introduce a new tool. Here is a special prayer of preparation: Standing in the precious presence, we send our prayers… Continue reading I Stand at the Door and Knock!

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Lent – Passion Week: Bringing It All to the Table 2013

We have made our way into Jerusalem. It is a bit warm and the road is dusty. The table is within view, but not everyone is convinced about the guy riding in on the donkey. As we get closer to this scene; there are those who stay on the outer edge of the circle, living… Continue reading Lent – Passion Week: Bringing It All to the Table 2013