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Are You Shaking and Breaking Spiritually?

When you look at what is going around you, in your nation, everything is symbolic in nature to her/his relationship with me. Areas of the earth are shaking and breaking apart. Look inside of yourselves. You are shaking; you are scared about the future. Don’t you remember what I told you “Don’t worry about tomorrow?”… Continue reading Are You Shaking and Breaking Spiritually?

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A Heavenly Message 3/21/2011

A tide has been turned and the earth changes that have been written and spoken about are now in motion for all to see, feel and hear. Some of the changes such as weather patterns, war and the uncertainty that looms in the air are difficult for many to grasp. Fear not! These physical signs… Continue reading A Heavenly Message 3/21/2011

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Earth Changes – Gulf

Let’s look at the Gulf: With this incident/change, the flow has been interrupted. The technology has failed temporarily. Stop blaming others and keep praying for this area. It is very important. You are now going to see a shift in the consciousness of your country! It is time to keep the eye on the prize,… Continue reading Earth Changes – Gulf