Into Flight Part 4


In May of 2010, I had a bird family move into my recycled plastic bags in my front garden area. It was strange.  God was sending me a message. I needed to pay attention.

I watched the parents build a nest in the bags; meticulous and persistent, bringing in twigs and such. Soon there were eggs and then baby birds.

The parents were vigilant caring for the little ones, just as God cares for us; providing all of our needs and some of our wants.

Soon, the babies grew up. They began to take flight and leave the nest one by one.

There was one little guy left behind; struggling and squawking, needing extra support.  A day later, the little guy took off.

Getting Ready to Take Off

There will come a time in one’s life that we may be embarking on a new journey or leaving behind that which does not work or serve any universal purpose. When this happens, God will provide the assistance, time and place to get us “Into Flight.”

Happy Sunday!


jeremy-beck-405603-unsplash imagine2


“I am speaking directly to you!”

I have so much for you. Don’t you want it all?

Imagine what would happen if you paid attention.

Imagine if I told you everything you needed to know.

Imagine if you retrained your brain to think as I do.

Imagine, a world without fear or depredation, can you?

There is so much to the gift you cannot imagine.

“Everything in the present is a present!”

Reaching Out


“Come Away with Me!”

In 6th Chapter of St. Mark, we find Jesus is still on the move; it’s time for a break. He encourages his friends to come apart with him and rest awhile.

The people seeking and reaching followed Christ and in the moment, he had “compassion on them for they were like sheep without a shepherd.”

Have you been wandering aimlessly lost in your own thoughts, “Which way do I go?” “I need help.”

God reaches across the lines of hope, faith, understanding and freedom to stand with us in our times of need.

Faith helps us to build up a stock in the cookie jar and when life happens, we can reach in and remain as if; even if we feel we cannot.

We hum along with hope; believing in a better tomorrow, while standing in today.

“Weeping or distress may come in the night or appear during a bleak season, but joy always comes in the morning” and hope returns. Sometimes we are misunderstood but take heart. Understanding life is as it is for a moment, will shift.

Freedom is believing in faith, hope and understanding while laying a foundation in our walk with the Light of the World.

“God of compassion, help us!”

Jesus Be My Everything

“When the Spirit of Truth comes; the Ruach will guide you in truth and lead you in the way you are to go.”

Last Sunday, the topic was “My Thoughts – My Ways.”

 We trust that God has a plan and a purpose for us, as his ways are higher.

In preparation for God leading us in the way we need the go; we pause to fill ourselves up with new spiritual fuel, connecting with the Shekinah Spirit.

Here is a prayer, “Jesus Be My Everything” taken from my book “Awakening the Inner Ticker of Life” that I have used when wondering which way to go or was I following God’s way or the world’s way. May it bring you peace and clarity as you continue your spiritual walk:

“O’ Jesus, open my eyes and let my eyes be your eyes”.

“O’ Jesus, open my ears, and let my ears be your ears”.

“O’ Jesus, open my mouth and let my words be your words”.

“O’ Jesus, open my heart and let my heart be your heart”.

“O’ Jesus, be my everything”.


“Everything that I have is yours.”



Don’t Give Up!

“The portal of hope is opening. Get ready to step through it!”

Take a moment & click on the icon below to listen to this week’s “Prophetic Passages” podcast message – Don’t Give Up!:



 Further Reflection:

Are you ready to see yourself as healed by Jesus?

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Stepping Into It!

“Here I Am, Lord!”

Allow the road to unfold in front of you. Your steps precede the miracle of being; in synch with God and all that is good in this life, “God, you are my God, earnestly I seek you; my soul thirsts for you.” (Ps. 64)

See each action as operating on my behalf; merging to the closeness of your creator. If one chooses to not support your journey as you step through the door, move aside.

“Stepping in and out with Christ requires one to get out of the way, so God can move us from darkness to light, despair to hope and unbelief to belief.”*

Your strength will come directly from God, flowing in and through you, “God who is wise in heart and mighty in strength.” (Jb. 9)

Push that door open. Step in and be. It’s all okay. There is so much more to do!

 “Be Open and Ready!”


*Awakening the Inner Ticker of Life, pg. 51