Son Day for Sunday

God’s Nature – I Go Before You

“Whoever seeks reconciliation with a simple heart is able to pass through rock-hard situations like the water of a stream.” (Br.  Roger) It is in God’s nature to help us feel safe and secure as we continue our journey with Him. Son Day for Sunday Message: The ground beneath your feet is like clay mixed… Continue reading God’s Nature – I Go Before You

Podcasts, Prophetic Passages

Foundation, A Lesson in Faith Part 1

Set Free – Week 4 Hi Everyone, Welcome to "Rev. Patty's Inspiration Station" Take a moment & click on the icon below to listen to Week 4 of "Set Free" podcast, featuring the topic "Foundation, A Lesson in Faith, Part 1” Further Reflection: Before we embark upon a new journey in life, a strong foundation… Continue reading Foundation, A Lesson in Faith Part 1

Son Day for Sunday

Cast that Net – Follow Me!

“All who were with him were amazed.” (Lk. 5) Never has there been a time such as this. Humanity is crumbling and yearns to be set free. Many have built their spiritual foundations on sand and have become disillusioned with life; “that which is old is not working anymore.” Get busy. Cast those nets and… Continue reading Cast that Net – Follow Me!