Acceptance is the Key to Life!

“Acceptance is the answer to all my problems today. When I am disturbed, it is because I find some person, place or thing – unacceptable to me, and I can find no serenity until I accept that person, place or situation being exactly the way it is supposed to be at this moment. Nothing, absolutely nothing happens in God’s world by mistake.” (BB, 449)

As of late, many have asked me for prayers of encouragement and assistance walking through the difficulties that life can bring: relationships, health issues, family problems financial woes; the list is infinitum.
One main theme ran true in each situation, acceptance.
If I choose to embrace it, acceptance can be my key to peaceful living.
When I stop living in the problem and start seeking spiritual solutions, a change within happens.
Acceptance is the act of listening to the inner urgings of Spirit and not the chatter of another.
“This is a new day. There is no need to rush; just be and let everything flow. Let life go!”
When one accepts a situation being as it is, we can then make a path ready to receive the spiritual assistance, which is ours for the taking. The help we receive can come through many avenues. God works through others when we are not looking.
During a time of change, I received two different passages with the same numbers 29:11 via e-mail, from two wonderful friends, unknown to one another.
I saw this as a sign and confirmation that God is aware of what is happening in all of our lives and “Acceptance is the Key to Life”:

“My plans I have for you are good and not for disaster, to give you future and hope.” (Jer. 29:11) “God will bless us with peace.” (PS 29:11)

A Unique Relationship with God – Part 2

In part 1, we established a common theme, yes; one can have a unique relationship with God. Now, on to the next section:

In this unique relationship, there are two players, God and you; God and me!

Just as we have relationships with others like a spouse, partner, child or friend, one can have a similar on-going alliance with God.

The rapport is different between man and God because it is a divine spark, not one born of the mind or flesh, but one that has been in play for infinity.

God says, “I come in a whisper, in the wind. I want to bend your ear. I want you to listen for a while. I want you to ponder and engage these words by bringing them into your Spirit; your heart and soul, with all that is me!”

A Unique Relationship with God – Part 1

The tapestry of life can unravel and we find ourselves standing on holy ground, in the midst of new beginnings.
As we step out, we find that we do not walk alone in this world. God is always, right there.
It is in the foundation of being, understanding and spiritual movement that one can develop a unique relationship with God. Why describe it as unique?
This is a special bond between you and God.
Each being on the planet has an opportunity to fellowship with God and open a door to seek out and nurture this relationship.
This connection is like no other in this world or in one’s life, and that is why it is unique.

The Divine Crucible of God


More often than not, we stand at the pearly gates banging away; demanding from God those things that are not of us, but reacting to the situations that happen around us, in this world.
“Gold does not stay in the crucible only until it is refined.”
In this life we are called to be refined like gold; while having more empathy for others; as well as the courage to change, without adding to the pain or suffering of another.
When you lift up the broken part of your humanity, anything is possible.
If everyone would do their spiritual part, the world would hum along in harmony; allowing God to quietly come in, and assist one in finishing the task at hand.
Only in the refinement process will your spirit shine like the vessel he has called you to be.

I Hear It All!


I hear you when you sleep and when you are awake.

I hear your thoughts both good and bad.

I hear it all.


I hear your cries of fear and uncertainty.

I hear it all.


I hear your silence and your anger.

I hear your dissatisfaction and misunderstanding of life.

I hear it all.


When you call, I answer.

I hear your every plea, your every prayer.

I hear it all.

Prayer of Protection

“Lord and Holy Protector, like the disciples who were caught in their tiny boat in the midst of a mighty storm, we come to beg Your Help.

We are fearful and feel helpless and small before the great power of this storm, which is beyond our control.

While everything seems dark and dangerous, we place our trust in you, our Lord and God.

Sheltered here in our home, we are also shielded by Your Love against all that might harm us.

Lord, we fear for our home, for our lives and for all we hold dear.

Lord, your Sacred Blessing is upon this home and upon each of us as well. We are secure in the power of that blessing.

May the saving power of the Cross of Your Son, Jesus, encircle our home and us.

May the Sacred Sign of the Cross repel all harm and injury.

Lord and Creator of Storms and of Rainbows, be with us in this time of uncertainty.”

Amen +

Where Can We Meet God?

This time of year, the period of Advent (a time of preparation) into Christmas (Season of Light) is when a seeker will move from a space of solitude into a place of hope through the power of prayer.

We can meet God in prayer.

Prayer is the language of love; love from the Father, a rightful blessing for Children of God that seek Him so.

I Sit At The Right Hand!

Whatever you ask for in my name, whatever you pray for in my name, your request is at my command; I sit at the right hand.
When you are troubled in thought, word, dream, sleep or action; seek my face, seek my peace. I am there for you.
Take a moment to get centered and quiet.
See the greatness of all life and the living breath, for it is holy indeed.
As you feel the precious presence of I AM; I sit at the right hand!