Jesus’ Love Letter, Part 4

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Jesus’ Love Letter, Part 4



 Further Reflection:

You have raised me up and have not made my foes gloat over me.

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Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled

“Let not your heart be troubled.”(Jn 14:1)

Dear God, I come to you for strength; strength of body, mind and soul. I feel the infilling of Your Spirit and assurance of your presence. Thank You, God, for giving me strength!
Dear God, I come to you for the wisdom to know what to do; choosing the course that means growth and understanding. Thank You, God, for giving me wisdom!
Dear God I come to You for the courage to face every experience; standing strong and firm in the midst of situations that require much of me. Thank You, God, for giving me courage!

“Dear God, I Thank You for standing with me, when I need you most!”


*Text from Daily Inspiration

A Beat for God

“Try My Heart and My Mind!

I have a new plan and a new purpose for your life, a new call. Your heart has been rebuilt, repaired and restored.

I will give you your heart’s desire; all that I have is yours, “Where your treasure is, there you heart will be also!”

 “Listen for the Spirit and Follow your Heart!

Open Wide the Heart Door

My hearts’ door is closed, what shall I do?


Around my heart was a box. Holding the clasp shut was a nail; a nail from the cross.

Like many of you, I was given a second chance to heal the pain of the past by letting go of that which does not serve; people, places, things, etc., especially anger, hidden resentment, judgment, criticism and misunderstanding.

We drive those nails into ourselves and into Jesus; it hurts.

According to Mark 11, the fig tree Jesus had cursed withered away and died. When asked about this Jesus said: “Have faith in God.” Truly, I say to you, whoever says to this mountain, ‘Be taken up and thrown into the sea,’ and does not doubt in her/his heart, but believes that what she/he says will come to pass, it will be done for her/him.” The old door is closed behind and cannot be open again.

In endings, we have new beginnings.


“Be thou removed and cast into the sea; where my eyes cannot see, but where my heart and spirit are set free.”

As we give it all to Jesus, he took all the junk and put it in a large rectangle shape box with a crank. He turned the crank; all the debris turned to dust and poured into the sea, “I did it for you, it is finished.”

The nail that held my heart box closed was removed and discarded; so can yours!

See you Sunday!

“Striving and seeking are important in the dryness of the soul, for you never know just when the rain will fall and the dried seed will swell and burst forth into flower.”*


*Saints Alive!

Hidden Gems – Week 6

The Heart of God

“I have never stopped knocking on the door of your heart.”*

Never lose heart.

Everything flows from the heart of God; the one who redeems us from distress and crowns us with Love & compassion.

God desires for us to belong to him in confidence, faith and Love. “I love you from the depth of my being.”

The Light that comes from the sacred heart of Jesus is the same Light will heal the heart.

Love has to emanate from one’s heart to heal; whatever is yours is God’s.

Continue to follow through. Do what gives your heart the greatest joy.

Walk all the way to the place where God wants you to reside and be, inside of thee!

“Come into my heart and fill me with your presence.”*


*Awakening the Inner Ticker of Life, pg. 21