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Jesus’ Love Letter, Part 4

Take a moment & click on the icon below to listen to this week's "Prophetic Passages" podcast message  Jesus' Love Letter, Part 4    Further Reflection: “You have raised me up and have not made my foes gloat over me." Thanks for tuning in. Inspired by this message? Leave a comment! Looking for Daily Inspiration,… Continue reading Jesus’ Love Letter, Part 4

Son Day for Sunday

Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled

“Let not your heart be troubled.”(Jn 14:1) Dear God, I come to you for strength; strength of body, mind and soul. I feel the infilling of Your Spirit and assurance of your presence. Thank You, God, for giving me strength! Dear God, I come to you for the wisdom to know what to do; choosing the… Continue reading Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled