Prophetic Passages

Rest in My Love

Prophetic Message: Receive Me... Don’t give into the negativity that permeates everything you touch; all that you listen to or view with your eyes. If left unattended, destruction will take root; staining the heart, causing one to manifest extreme moments of darkness and despair. “O’ Lord, how my adversaries have increased.” (Ps. 3) My Gift:… Continue reading Rest in My Love

Son Day for Sunday

God’s Nature – A Heart’s Desire

“You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, with all your mind and with all your strength.” On this Son Day for Sunday, we will explore "A Heart's Desire" continuing with our focus on God's Nature. Listen Below... A Heart's Desire Further Contemplation: Remember, there is no limitation to… Continue reading God’s Nature – A Heart’s Desire

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Jesus’ Love Letter, Part 4

Take a moment & click on the icon below to listen to this week's "Prophetic Passages" podcast message  Jesus' Love Letter, Part 4    Further Reflection: “You have raised me up and have not made my foes gloat over me." Thanks for tuning in. Inspired by this message? Leave a comment! Looking for Daily Inspiration,… Continue reading Jesus’ Love Letter, Part 4

Son Day for Sunday

Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled

“Let not your heart be troubled.”(Jn 14:1) Dear God, I come to you for strength; strength of body, mind and soul. I feel the infilling of Your Spirit and assurance of your presence. Thank You, God, for giving me strength! Dear God, I come to you for the wisdom to know what to do; choosing the… Continue reading Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled