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Waiting and Ready – A New Season, Part 4

“If you ponder a lot with your mind, then you have to release it or it will hold you back.” There is a spiritual movement about; “The Long Arm of God” reaches into places one cannot go.” What does this mean? Why does God have long arms? God reaches us where we dare not go,… Continue reading Waiting and Ready – A New Season, Part 4

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Tested and Trusted

Prophetic Passages:   Be Inspired & Tune In... Reflect: “Dear God, I praise You for the abundant grace that flows from You into my heart every time I trust in You. It is blessing beyond measure. Nothing else could ever keep me from fear and anxiety. Nothing less could ever bring growth and fruitfulness in the… Continue reading Tested and Trusted

Son Day for Sunday

Pausing In the Presence

“In His Presence is Power!”* Going Deep: How strong is my spiritual commitment to fulfill this ministry of intercession, deep within the hidden recesses of my life? “Going Deep means we are sent forth into diverse spaces for healing.”* Focus:  Am I allowing my spiritual life to waste away or am I focused? Pause: To… Continue reading Pausing In the Presence

Son Day for Sunday

Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled

“Let not your heart be troubled.”(Jn 14:1) Dear God, I come to you for strength; strength of body, mind and soul. I feel the infilling of Your Spirit and assurance of your presence. Thank You, God, for giving me strength! Dear God, I come to you for the wisdom to know what to do; choosing the… Continue reading Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled