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Personal Healing & God’s Truth Revealed

“You will be like a planted tree over streams of water, producing fruit during the season. Its leaf never droops—but in all one does, she/he succeeds.” (Ps. 1) When you wear the world like a loose garment, you can flow in and out. Don’t get pulled into situations or scenarios that are not yours to… Continue reading Personal Healing & God’s Truth Revealed

Son Day for Sunday

God’s Armor of Protection, Part 5 Belt of Truth

 “My truth is not aligned with the world’s truth. It is found at the opposite end of the spectrum.” Continuing with our journey, it’s time to put on the “Belt of Truth.” Do you put on a seat belt every time you get in your vehicle? How about if you are strapping in a little… Continue reading God’s Armor of Protection, Part 5 Belt of Truth

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Tested and Trusted

Prophetic Passages:   Be Inspired & Tune In... Reflect: “Dear God, I praise You for the abundant grace that flows from You into my heart every time I trust in You. It is blessing beyond measure. Nothing else could ever keep me from fear and anxiety. Nothing less could ever bring growth and fruitfulness in the… Continue reading Tested and Trusted