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Waiting and Ready – A New Season, Part 4

“If you ponder a lot with your mind, then you have to release it or it will hold you back.” There is a spiritual movement about; “The Long Arm of God” reaches into places one cannot go.” What does this mean? Why does God have long arms? God reaches us where we dare not go,… Continue reading Waiting and Ready – A New Season, Part 4

Prophetic Passages

Into Flight Part 1

“Bringing in the Light!”* Recently, we discussed the” Flowing Light” with the windows of heaven opening; pouring forth one of the many blessings God wants us to have. Now we go one step further, “Into Flight.” In order to get “Into Flight” we have some foundation work to do before taking off. First, accept the… Continue reading Into Flight Part 1

Son Day for Sunday

Opening Up to God’s Healing, Part 1

How far will you go to find yourself, your healing? There are times when one crosses your path, your vision; staying for a while or passing through for a moment, moving on. Do you have eyes to see? What comes into your spiritual vision? “I gave you a sunset to close your day and a… Continue reading Opening Up to God’s Healing, Part 1

Son Day for Sunday

Out of the Tomb and Into the Light

“I am with you through the end of all time; eternity and beyond!” The time of the tomb has passed. The darkness has lifted. The sun is rising in the East; humanity is calling. The Opening of Hope & Rising Together: The sliver of Light that appears with the dawn brings one the promise of… Continue reading Out of the Tomb and Into the Light

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My Peace, I Leave You

Set Free – Week 7 Hi Everyone, Welcome to "Rev. Patty's Inspiration Station" Take a moment & click on the icon below to listen to Week 7 of "Set Free" podcast, featuring the topic "My Peace, I Leave You!” Further Reflection: Contemplate this message: “Don’t let anyone rob you of your peace. However, you can… Continue reading My Peace, I Leave You