Waiting and Ready – A New Season, Part 4

“If you ponder a lot with your mind, then you have to release it or it will hold you back.”

There is a spiritual movement about; “The Long Arm of God” reaches into places one cannot go.” What does this mean? Why does God have long arms?

God reaches us where we dare not go, in our time of need and being.

When our thinking becomes negative, confusion soon follows. What once was truth is now dressed up as doubt.

Do not be drawn in by the energy that is dangling to the left or right of you. “His ways are not our ways nor of this world.”

Keep your eyes fixed on the path ahead. “Walk tall, stand in honor and truth.”

Allow the Long Arm of God to clear the way.

 “Which way are you going?” “Will you move towards me or walk away?” “My way is your way.”

“I Am the Way, the Truth and the Life!”

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Reach Higher


In life, there will always be lions on the pathway; stuff to distract us from our true work and walk in this life.

‘Lions’ come in the form of fear. They masquerade as deceit, disappointment, or a break in life.

“Do not be dismayed or discouraged. Be determined and confident; this is what God is going to do for you…” (Jos. 10:26)

Victory will come; not always in the way or time frame we would like it to, but it comes.
We are called to Reach Higher; extending our hands, hearts and spirits beyond the periphery of what one can see.
In the meantime, God has much to share; helping us cope with those troublesome felines that block one’s view:

The Peace I Have for You; Take It and Don’t Break It.
The Healing I Have for You; Take It and Don’t Break It.
The Love I Have for You; Take it and Don’t Break It.

Into Flight Part 1

“Bringing in the Light!”*

Recently, we discussed the” Flowing Light” with the windows of heaven opening; pouring forth one of the many blessings God wants us to have.

Now we go one step further, “Into Flight.”

In order to get “Into Flight” we have some foundation work to do before taking off.

First, accept the blessing that fell out of heaven’s window. It gives one an opportunity to “Bring in the Light.” Wrap it around you like a comfy blanket. It is, in fact, God’s armor! Don’t leave home without it!

Remember, “Putting on the whole armor of God means we do not ignore the warning signs of stress, where weak links in our protective covering begin to crack under pressure.”*

Ponder this message and I will see you on Sunday for Part 2 of “Into Flight!”

“God has created everything we need in the spiritual realm; waiting for us to call what we need from the spiritual realm into the natural realm.” **


*Awakening the Inner Ticker of Life, pg. 67-68
**Sandra Kennedy

Opening Up to God’s Healing, Part 1

Sand Hill Crane FL 2018

How far will you go to find yourself, your healing?

There are times when one crosses your path, your vision; staying for a while or passing through for a moment, moving on. Do you have eyes to see? What comes into your spiritual vision?

“I gave you a sunset to close your day and a cool breeze to rest you.”*

Do you have ears to hear? What are you listening to? Who are you listening to?

“I waited all day, hoping you would walk and talk with me.”*

Are you focusing on situations or persons that offer no explanation or solution? Carrying another or claiming responsibility for one who can pick up her/his mat and walk, creates an impasse or stuck space.

Deep within; are you open or closed?

“I have come for you to have a life of abundance and wholeness, and so much more!”

*God’s Love Letter

Out of the Tomb and Into the Light

“I am with you through the end of all time; eternity and beyond!”

The time of the tomb has passed. The darkness has lifted. The sun is rising in the East; humanity is calling.

The Opening of Hope & Rising Together:

The sliver of Light that appears with the dawn brings one the promise of all that is new, “The earth may pass away, but I will not.”

At first, she did not recognize me. As I spoke to Mary, the Light emanated all around. It was in the recognition of the Light that preceded the spoken word; creating an instantaneous connection and a promise of hope.

On this Resurrection Sunday, let us take a moment to pause and pray:

“God, please bring all who are lost to where they may see Jesus’ broken body healed and raised; so in their own brokenness, they too may rise. You come to heal the secret wound of every soul.

We come as stumbling children who neither understand nor know how to pray.

Please, send the Holy Shekinah Spirit to intercede for us.

We ask this in the name of the one who loves us with an ‘Everlasting Love’, in the name of Yeshua Jesus, the Lord, Amen!”

“Let us embrace the power of Christ’s Resurrection and continue our spiritual walk with him.”

My Peace, I Leave You

Set Free – Week 7

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Welcome to “Rev. Patty’s Inspiration Station

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Further Reflection:

Contemplate this message:

“Don’t let anyone rob you of your peace. However, you can offer it to another as a gift; stirring one’s Heart and Spirit.  How hard will you work to attain the peace you so desperately seek?”



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Set Free!

“Whom the Son Sets Free is Free Indeed” (Jn. 8)

Is there something nagging at your heart or distressing your Spirit?

Our spiritual goal for 2018 is to get “Set Free!”

When we take a moment to pause our thinking, close our lips and open our hearts wide; our soul is open before God! Herein is where we receive a message designed for us:

“You have a destiny to fulfill.  I have a plan and purpose for your life and in the lives of those around you. Only I know the ins and outs of this walk in front of you. I will lead you in the way you need to go. No one else can do this except you and me.” Jesus follows up with:

“The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has chosen me to bring good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim liberty to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind, to set free the oppressed.”(Lk.4:18)

I am Ready to be “Set Free” in 2018, Are you?

“I see clearly before me, the road of fulfillment with no obstacles on the path.”

The God of Surprises and Wonders

“Wise women and men still seek him.”

As we grow closer to the new birth, we are reminded of the one who is the God of Surprises and Wonders.

As the shepherds looked out on that graceful eve, they found much more beyond the stars. “They were keeping watch over their flock.” (Lk. 2:8)

“As the glory of the Lord shone around them”, they found the one who opened their hearts; introducing them to the God of Surprises and Wonders. The same one we seek this day!

“Welcome the blessing of this new babe!”

God the Giver & the Gift – Week 1

An Open Window

“And Jabez called on the God of Israel saying, “Oh that you would bless me indeed. (1Chron.)

During this Season of Being & Growing, we will be focusing on “God the Giver and the Gift.
What does God want to do for us? In the Book of Malachi, God says: “Put me to the test and you will see that I will open the windows of heaven and pour out on you in abundance; all kinds of good things.”
Are your arms open or closed? Do you want to receive all the good things God has in store for you?
While preparing for this week’s timely message, “An Open Window” I felt the Lord leading me to a book on my shelf, ‘The Prayer of Jabez”, written by Dr. Bruce Wilkinson.
Whenever I pull the book from the shelf or it conveniently falls into my hands, I turn to the inside flap; it has an inscription of “To Patty, With Love… The person who gave me this book was a dear friend; one of the spiritual giants in my life who crossed the veil a few years back. It is one of my greatest treasures.
Here is the passage I wanted to share with you today:
“God really does have unclaimed blessings waiting for you, my friend. I know it sounds impossible-even embarrassingly suspicious in our self-serving day. Yet that very exchange – you want God’s plenty-has been his loving will for your life from eternity past. And with a handful of core commitments on your part, you can proceed from this day forward with the confidence and expectation that your heavenly Father will bring it to pass for you.”

“Enlarge my territory that your hand would be with me; keep me from evil that I may not cause pain. So, God granted him what he requested. (1Chron.)

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An Open Window