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God’s Wisdom

“God’s wisdom and radiance will never cease to be.” (Wis.)

That which you seek is God.

Following through means walking all the way to the place where God wants you to reside and be, “inside of thee.” Climb every mountain and ride every wave.

I know your struggles. It does not interfere with my ability to love, direct or show you the way. There is no time to fret or fray. I have your back.

“Come now, the door is open. This is your new beginning, love it!”

A Date with Destiny

“Keep moving forward, no matter what; this is your call, your destiny!”

In order for the Kingdom of God/kinship to bear fruit on earth as it is in heaven, it is necessary for one to discover what her/his “Divine Destiny” is.

If you have pushed or tried to ram your will into a situation; the kingdom, as it is will not come. Let go and Let God; allowing the divine director, the “Inner Ticker” to guide your every step and you will always be on the right path.

What talents and gifts can you use to assist the whole of humanity, while following the plan?

“There is no limit to what you can accomplish.” Never relinquish any task or veer off the path because it seems beyond your scope or comprehension. The miracle is right around the corner.

God’s purpose is for one to discover the “mystery of God’s will.” In order to find out “who” you are, and “why” you are here; uncover the common thread/theme in your relationship with God and weave it into a new inner fabric design.

Your Destiny awaits you!

“Follow your path designed by God, inspired by the Spirit.”*


*Awakening the Inner Ticker of Life, pg. 79

In God’s Light

“The Light of Christ is pure, simple and free!”

We, too, can shine bright, like Jesus, when we are washed clean of all the garbage that separates us from him. “Just as sin passes through the Light on its way to the Cross for permanent disposal; we, as children of God must pass through the Light to accept the things in life one can or cannot change, in order to have new beginnings.”*

Take action and release all dis-ease, lack, loss or imagined limitation. The light of the body is a reflection of God’s Light, dissolving anything that is not divine.

“Open wide the door; turn on the power and light up the world!”


*Deliver Me O’Lord, Patricia A. Zorn, pg. 7


Honor -To Be

“Stand tall in honor and in truth.”

To be; is to honor who you are right now, without question or limitation.

It has nothing to do with who your family is; how much money you have, where your abode is; what your hopes, aspirations or dreams are. It has to do with who you are; one who is called to be honorable, kind and has compassion. Have the kind of compassion that does not look down upon another, but looks across.

When you are honorable, everything that you give comes from your Spirit. It comes from your heart because it is truly, the beginning and basis of all honor, “My Spirit resides within you and is not limited by anything or anyone.”*

 “Live in Honor and Believe!”


*Awakening the Inner Ticker of Life, pg. 24

Son Day for Sunday

“We walk by faith and not by sight.”

Belief is everything as it is, entwined with one’s faith. The action taken is measured by one’s belief and exercised through faith.

Yes, you have been tested and refined as one who is rebuilt, repaired and restored via the power of the Spirit.

Step out in tenacity and perseverance and close the door behind you.

The door in front of you is open and ready for you to pass through.

Walk in blind faith as a child of the Living God. You are loved, blessed, whole and complete.

“If you believe, you will receive.”

Heaven Is Calling!

The other morning, I got up to pray and write.

After prayers, I settled at my desk. I looked up to check the time and I noticed my favorite clock had stopped at 3:00 am. I thought to myself, “Interesting.”

Put in another battery and the clock would not work. I let it go.

Yesterday at 3 pm, I took the clock down, removed all the batteries, reset the time and it began to tick.

Early this morning, I awoke at 3:00 am. Of course, I had a ton of stuff in my head about what lay ahead for the day. I was getting the nudge to pray.

It is important to pay attention to the little stuff that goes on around us. There can be a message hidden in the experience that “Heaven is calling!”

The veil that exists between our world and the heaven world holds us in balance, Those who are wise, will shine like the brightness of the heavens.”

The crest or breath of heaven reveals itself to us, during a time of need.

In this new year, the lines of communication have opened and perhaps, we need assistance from that world to help make sense of our own; “Thy people shall be delivered.”

What did Jesus say, “Behold I stand at the door and knock.” Heaven is knocking on our door, calling us to come and sit at God’s Table to be fed and nurtured.

We get a vision of heaven in order to have hope in tomorrow; a glimpse of the divine that helps us to steer a rocky ship across turbulent waters.

If you are waking up between 3 am and 6 am, during the fourth watch of the night, do not despair, “In the days of darkness my elect shall not sleep. They shall pray incessantly and shall not be disappointed.”

God is calling us to get up and pray. If we do, we shall not be disappointed. Doesn’t that offer you a bit of hope?


For the Prayer Partners

When you pray, you take a journey. Each spot you visit becomes a Beacon of Light; spreading hope in the midst of darkness.

During a recent vision, I found myself standing in a clearing looking up at the night sky. All around me were, “Stars of Wonder and Stars of Light.” They were moving all around me.

Right now, we are gathering together in different spaces and places; kindred souls preparing for a new birth, moving closer to the Light with a hint of daylight staying a minute longer each day. We are gently moving in His direction.

We are also experiencing a Birth of Freedom and that’s what this season is all about, especially for those who seek Christ in the midst of struggle. We are so close now, don’t give up.

As Prayer Partners, we have come full circle in this Season of Living. How do we continue to hear, listen and believe?

Remember, “Don’t look back, look up and see all the greatness God has in store for you!”

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