Jesus Be My Everything

“When the Spirit of Truth comes; the Ruach will guide you in truth and lead you in the way you are to go.”

Last Sunday, the topic was “My Thoughts – My Ways.”

 We trust that God has a plan and a purpose for us, as his ways are higher.

In preparation for God leading us in the way we need the go; we pause to fill ourselves up with new spiritual fuel, connecting with the Shekinah Spirit.

Here is a prayer, “Jesus Be My Everything” taken from my book “Awakening the Inner Ticker of Life” that I have used when wondering which way to go or was I following God’s way or the world’s way. May it bring you peace and clarity as you continue your spiritual walk:

“O’ Jesus, open my eyes and let my eyes be your eyes”.

“O’ Jesus, open my ears, and let my ears be your ears”.

“O’ Jesus, open my mouth and let my words be your words”.

“O’ Jesus, open my heart and let my heart be your heart”.

“O’ Jesus, be my everything”.


“Everything that I have is yours.”



You Are Enough – Be In Me!

“They shall mount up like eagle’s wings.” (Is. 40:31)

You have stepped off a cliff. Do you see yourself falling to the ground or soaring among the clouds? This is not a free-fall but a free-fly! Now, spread those wings and fly.

When you answer my call, you have to move from a space of comfort to one of uncertainty; the path of the unknown.

However, in this context, one must remember it is “I” who walks in front of you. Follow my lead, “What is that to thee, follow me!”

Now, hold onto my garment. Feel the fabric in your fingertips. This is a material not known to man, only known to God.

There is no setting of the ‘son’ only the rising of the dawn. Greet your day in me! Are you ready?

Don’t minimize who you are or what you do. Everything as it is – shall be. You are enough – be in Me! Amen!

“I have called you, you are mine.”