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In and Out of Time

Take a moment & click on the icon below to listen to this week's "Prophetic Passages" podcast message:  "In and Out of Time” Further Reflection: Has anything changed for you thus far? Are you willing to take time to walk and pray with Jesus?   Thanks for tuning in. Inspired by this message? Leave a… Continue reading In and Out of Time

Son Day for Sunday

Cast that Net – Follow Me!

“All who were with him were amazed.” (Lk. 5) Never has there been a time such as this. Humanity is crumbling and yearns to be set free. Many have built their spiritual foundations on sand and have become disillusioned with life; “that which is old is not working anymore.” Get busy. Cast those nets and… Continue reading Cast that Net – Follow Me!

Son Day for Sunday

The Ball is in Your Court

“God does not delay in keeping the promise!” What do we mean when we say, “The Ball is in Your Court?” Here is a Prophetic Message to help answer this question: “The “Inner Ticker” (Holy Spirit) is what stirs’ one to move forward, as life unfolds. You have come so far. Why am I telling… Continue reading The Ball is in Your Court