In God’s Light

“The Light of Christ is pure, simple and free!”

We, too, can shine bright, like Jesus, when we are washed clean of all the garbage that separates us from him. “Just as sin passes through the Light on its way to the Cross for permanent disposal; we, as children of God must pass through the Light to accept the things in life one can or cannot change, in order to have new beginnings.”*

Take action and release all dis-ease, lack, loss or imagined limitation. The light of the body is a reflection of God’s Light, dissolving anything that is not divine.

“Open wide the door; turn on the power and light up the world!”


*Deliver Me O’Lord, Patricia A. Zorn, pg. 7


The Promises of Lent & Holy Week


We have traveled the Lenten journey with Jesus retracing our spiritual steps these past weeks.

Now, we are going to retrace his steps, making sure we are in sync with him.

Looking up into the night sky on Saturday evening, the moon was full; a symbol of endings, a time to put the past behind us, and allow the Light of Truth to be revealed.

We have traveled the Lenten journey thus far and now find ourselves in Jerusalem for the week.

The streets are dusty and filled with many pilgrims on the path. There is a great deal of anticipation and excitement.

In the midst of it all, Jesus has a special message for us: Pick up your cross, follow me and don’t put it down. The road may be long but I am with you, always.”

Earth Changes – Light Bearer

If you are a true light bearer/helper, you are where you are supposed to be.
Remember you are the light that shines so others can find it.
Yes, there will be more “wars and rumors of wars”, weather and earth changes.
Yet, in the midst of all of these changes will be you, children of light, spreading love and hope to those who have none; a shining light in very dark spaces.
Now, take your place!
Don’t look back or too far ahead!