Jesus’ Love Letter, Part 1


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 Further Reflection:

“I Love You and I Want to Spend Time with You!”

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Hidden Gems – Week 6

The Heart of God

“I have never stopped knocking on the door of your heart.”*

Never lose heart.

Everything flows from the heart of God; the one who redeems us from distress and crowns us with Love & compassion.

God desires for us to belong to him in confidence, faith and Love. “I love you from the depth of my being.”

The Light that comes from the sacred heart of Jesus is the same Light will heal the heart.

Love has to emanate from one’s heart to heal; whatever is yours is God’s.

Continue to follow through. Do what gives your heart the greatest joy.

Walk all the way to the place where God wants you to reside and be, inside of thee!

“Come into my heart and fill me with your presence.”*


*Awakening the Inner Ticker of Life, pg. 21

Heart Call

“The Love of Christ poured forth for my dignity; for my humanity.”

Can we tap into God’s Love as pilgrims on the path? Yes!

Are you ready to answer the Heart Call and for “God’s Love to fill me with new life?”*

“I Love You from the depth of my being, from infinity.”**

The first attribute of right relationship with Christ is faith. The 2nd is Love, “I meet you via the Shekinah Spirit and it travels straight to the heart, if one is open.”

On this special day; while praying for a friend or beloved, take a moment to pause and meditate on these words:

“I salute the Divinity of Christ within you and I send you God’s Love.”

*Awakening the Inner Ticker of Life

**30 Messages of Hope

Son Day for Sunday

Embracing God’s Love

“God’s Love fills me with new life.”*

In the 21st Chapter of John, Jesus is searching Peter’s heart: “Simon ben-John, do you love me more than these?” Peter said, “Yes, Rabbi, you know that I’m your friend.” Jesus said, “Feed my lambs.” A second time Jesus put the question, “Simon ben-John, do you love me?” Peter said, “Yes, Rabbi, you know that I’m your friend.” Jesus replied, “Tend my sheep.” A third time Jesus asked him, “Simon ben-John, do you love me as a friend would?” Peter was sad because Jesus asked, “Do you love me?” a third time. So Peter said, “You know everything. You know that I am your friend.”

What is Jesus saying? To deny me is to have none of me. To trust me is to have half of me. To Love me is to have all of me! Make your love all-encompassing; move beyond the confines of the corner.

Step out in the Spirit of Light and Truth. Stretch out your hands, wide. This is how much “I Love You!”

“I love you from the depth of my being, from infinity. You cannot measure my love for you. It is greater, wider and longer than any measuring stick. I cannot and will not stop loving you.”**

*Awakening the Inner Ticker of Life, pg. 88                 

**30 Messages of Hope, pg. 33


God’s Great Love


Recently, I was reciting a novena prayer to St. Therese. I especially like this line, “Please pick a rose from the heavenly gardens and send it to me as a message of love, and help me to always believe in God’s great love for me.”

Soon after the prayer began, a bud appeared on the rose bush just outside the front garden. Through all the cold weather, a green shoot appeared and then a bud turned a vibrant pink color, shining forth. (See inserted photo)

I always take this as a sign that God hears our prayers, and our wonderful saints and angels are still on the job interceding on our behalf.

 “Come, O’ Creator Spirit, Come and make within our hearts your home. To us you give grace; eternal love, who of your breathing moves and lives.” (Universalis 2/3)

Advent 2012 – Week 4 – Hope & Love

“Our hearts are ever restless until we find our rest in you.” St. Augustine

God’s love is infinite, divine and perfect. It is something we all search for throughout our lives.
We get glimpses of this love through our interactions with those we love; our spouses, partners, children, best friends, etc.
Love is not in the fleeting glance or a quick sound bite of life, love is everlasting; a place where time or circumstances cannot interfere.

“I know my joy is not in the things which surround us; it dwells in the innermost part of the soul.” St. Therese

We are now entering the final stretch of our Advent journey together as we prepare to rebirth ourselves in the Light of Christmas.
Each day the Light will increase, and therein increase our capacity to embrace another day.
And, so it is; I leave you to your own Advent journey.
I pray you have gained wisdom, understanding, peace, hope & love.
Henri Nouwen said it best:

“Hope means to keep living amid desperation and to keep humming in the darkness.
Hoping is knowing that there is love; it is trust in tomorrow.
It is falling asleep, and waking again when the sun rises.
In the midst of a gale at sea, it is to discover land.
In the eyes of another, it is to see that he understands you.
As long as there is still hope there will also be prayer,
And God will be holding you in his hands.”

What is the “Light of Love?”

The “Light of Love” is what connects you to your own awareness of God through prayer.

It is through your connection in prayer, one imagines a soft golden light, (the pure Light of Christ) surrounding and encompassing the whole body. This is followed by another layer of soft pink (the Love of Christ).

Send the “Light of Love” to every member of your family, every part of your abode, and most important, send this “Light of Love” to the entire globe.

When you hear about an earth change or disaster, send the “Light of Love” daily to this area.

As the earth changes increase, and they will, so will the need for intensive prayer for this planet that you call home.

As the power of prayer increases among individuals and groups, so will the spiritual awareness of God come to Light for all to see.

Spiritual awareness will happen in pockets in small places.

Humanity is looking for the next big thing.

Your culture is obsessed in looking for the next big star or big story.

Man looks outside of her/him instead of finding the God within.

The ‘God’ shift will happen in small ways and small spaces this is where the greatest healing will come about.

The incident in the Gulf of Mexico with the oil spill is only the beginning.

This disaster or shift is visible and something you can see off the shores of your nation.

Of course, man has a way of desensitizing life and once the cleanup is under way the conscious will shift to something else.

It is important that you continue to pray for this body of water and its healing.

Mother Nature, the earth mother will find a way to clean this area.

The rumblings are happening and the earth is waking up.

Now it is time for humanity to wake up.

Keep on praying!